Because Simplex's integration of ADA is of paramount importance to the Cardano community

Because Simplex's integration of ADA is of paramount importance to the Cardano-7373 communityIOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) partnered with Simplex, a payment processing gateway based in Israel, to integrate Cardano (ADA). ADA joins the list of other Simplex-supported digital currencies in an effort to satisfy ADA's growing interest and popularity.

Cardano becomes the latest cryptocurrency to use Simplex's Fiat On / Off ramps

Simplex, which is also a member of Visa, has incorporated Cardano. This means that convenient on and off ramps are available for Cardano users around the world. According to the announcement released last Wednesday, ADA will be available for purchase at all Simplex partners, including cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, custodianships and brokers.

Suffice it to say that fiat-to-crypto ramps are very important to the success of any cryptocurrency. At this particular time, when digital currencies are gaining traction around the world, it is critical for users, especially newbies, to be able to buy their favorite cryptocurrency transparently and reliably.

Thanks to this new link, millions of crypto users can purchase ADA tokens with debit or credit cards, SWIFT, SEPA or Apple Pay transfers. The financial institution cites Cardano's growing importance and developer activity as some key reasons behind their addition. Furthermore: “The renewed interest in Cardano is the product of a loyal social media following, a thriving community and milestones achieved. As its popularity and appeal continue to grow, both investors and developers will continue to explore new boundaries. "

Cardano has gained momentum in recent weeks following a series of significant network updates and huge announcements that have brought more attention to the platform led by Charles Hoskinson.

Simplex has partnered with over 360 cryptocurrency-focused companies since its launch and offers services to exchanges such as OKCoin and Binance. At the time of publication, the EU-licensed company has integrated over 50 cryptocurrencies and hundreds of fiat currencies to ensure an excellent and safe user experience for all traders and investors.

ADA is currently valued at $ 1,36. Recent (and upcoming) updates and fiat hikes position the cryptocurrency for further upside as the current upside in the crypto market continues to unfold.

How to invest in ADA

There are many ways to invest in ADA. In particular, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency simply through any authorized exchange. Or, it is possible to trade ADA without actually owning the token, using a trading platform such as Bitcoin Pro. With this platform, it is possible to invest an ideal amount of money for beginners, being very low and still get interesting returns.

Anyone interested in using this second option to negotiate ADA can take a look at our insights and the full review, always available on our pages. In the comments below, you can tell us your experience.