Why is TRON running counter to other cryptocurrencies?

Why is TRON running counter to other cryptocurrencies? - Wit Olszewski TRON 1000x516 1Most of the cryptocurrency market is making losses, while TRX, the native token of the TRON blockchain, has gained 5% of its value. With many different types of cryptocurrencies posting losses, it is surprising that TRX is increasing in value by such a large margin. What makes this coin so desirable while so many others are making only minor gains? If you want to make profits with TRON, you can trade it on Bitcoin Pro.

The TRON blockchain

One of the most popular places to build DApps, the TRON blockchain is part of a unique content creation initiative that seeks to allow content creators to receive a larger portion of the compensation for their content by eliminating intermediaries like Facebook or Youtube. TRON allows creators to offer content and consumers to give digital currency such as TRX directly to creators in exchange for their content. With so many content creators experiencing more and more difficulties due to intermediaries, such as the famous demonetization of Youtube, a decentralized system of content creation and consumption could open a new world for content creators on the blockchain. 

The effects of TRON on the media

With an ambitious project like TRON, many individuals have to gain. The success of the TRON blockchain will bring much wealth to content creators, desirable content for consumers, and value for the TRX token and the TRON blockchain as a whole. By allowing creators to perceive a greater amount of rewards for their work, the cost of creating such content would decrease and, consequently, the price of consuming such content as well. If enough creators start using the TRON blockchain to advertise their creations, the world of media could change forever. We may find ourselves ditching platforms like iTunes to move to blockchain hubs for music and video. If that happens, TRX could be used to buy their favorite songs, support their favorite creators and more, causing the coin's value to skyrocket.

To conclude

TRX is growing, as more and more people look to the future of content creation within the blockchain. Thanks to TRON's ability to allow creators to experience the rewards of their creations, this blockchain project could revolutionize the world of media as we know it. If the most popular content creators were to switch to the TRON blockchain to promote their creations, the value of TRX could continue to rise and possibly become the cornerstone of the future of media enjoyment.