Petro, the assembly of opponents declares it illegal

Petro, the assembly of opponents declares it illegal: the Venezuelan cryptocurrency continues to make people talk, and divide.

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You remember the Petro, Venezuelan cryptocurrency of which we have followed the various vicissitudes? Well, one of the two main legislative bodies opposed to the government of Venezuela, has established that the issue of a national cryptocurrency by the country is illegal, according to the same national law.

On Tuesday, the Asamblea Nacional of Venezuela, a group of politicians largely at odds with President Nicolas Maduro and his policies, said he believes the criptovaluta Petro is unconstitutional, denouncing the project not only as a fraud, but also as a threat to potential investors.

In a public statement, members of the group lashed out against the sale of the asset, which is said to have already raised $ 735 million, claiming that it is simply a symptom of the political crisis going on in the country.

The assembly also recalls how the government said that companies should accept cryptocurrency, which, if issued, will mark a record: the first time a state has issued a blockchain-based form of payment. However, continues the same assembly, Petro would be above all another way in which a government declared "corrupt" is trying to steal funds from citizens.

A position, that of the assembly, which appears to be substantially supported by some international governments, particularly harsh with the Maduro regime, and able to look suspiciously at Petro, a particular currency issued out of the barrel of oil, and which, however, it has no relationship with the bolivar, the traditional currency, which cannot be used, for example, to buy the state cryptocurrency.