More than $ 11 billion in Bitcoin is owned by 32 companies

More than $ 11 billion worth of Bitcoin owned by 32 companies - bitcoin on ethereum gID 5 1024x576CryptoTreasuries data shows 32 companies own nearly $ 12 billion worth of Bitcoin (quotation BTC in real time), while 11 companies have around $ 470 million in ETH.

As for Ethereum, 11 companies own 169.279 ETH, worth around $ 470 million. These figures are not exhaustive, but they give an indication of how much weight is given to resources.

The big names in bitcoin

Block.One has the largest holdings in bitcoin with a figure of 140.000. MicroStrategy and Tesla follow. The first in particular is long on bitcoin and this shows in his holding of 90.859 BTC. MicroStrategy earned about 50% on its bitcoin investment.

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor has been a big proponent of bitcoin over the past few months, with the company adding to its holdings periodically. Tesla, meanwhile, made a much smaller gain at 5%, which is not helped by the tweets against Elon Musk's BTC.

Galaxy Digital Holdings and StoneRidge Holdings Group round out the top 5. Square, which is also a major bitcoin supporter, owns 8.027 BTC. The company's Cash app is a major entry point for aspiring investors, and its bitcoin revenue became its dominant stream last year.

Galaxy Digital appears to be much more focused on Ethereum, being the company with the largest holdings at 98.892 ETH. The figure is worth about $ 275 million. Coinbase Global and Meitu follow with 31.787 and 15,00 ETH respectively.

Overall, there are likely many other companies that own these assets and other cryptocurrencies. The website also notes that this does not include ETFs and other assets under management, which, if included, would significantly increase the numbers.

Proof that cryptocurrencies are trusted

What this information tells us is that several large companies are entering the cryptocurrency industry. There is certainly much more confidence in cryptocurrencies now than there was a few years ago. There was a time when companies wouldn't even consider investing in this asset class.

This is most clearly evident in the way MicroStrategy has changed its approach to bitcoin. The company and its CEO once talked badly about BTC, but are now some of its most ardent supporters.

Financial decisions made by some governments following the pandemic have spurred these companies to protect themselves by diversifying their portfolios. This is one of the main reasons large companies are entering the space, as well as seeing potential value in the form of decentralized apps (dApps) and decentralized finance (DeFi) courtesy of Ethereum.

And what do you think of it? Are these decentralized tokens, owned by only a few entities, no more centralized than they would like to appear? Let us know in the comments below.