Controversy over Ethereum over the fate of validators' money

Controversy over Ethereum over the fate of validators' money - Ethereum 1024x587 1The Ethereum merger that attracted everyone's attention was successfully completed, and after that it is clear to the community and developers that there is still a lot to think about, now that Proof of Stake (PoS) is the new mechanism. of consent. But what's the priority: network security or blocked ethers (quotation ETH) of the validators? 

As is known, in Ethereum staking, ethers deposited by verifiers are blocked and no user can request a withdrawal until further notice.  

Will they get stuck?

According to, there are currently more than 420.000 validators on the network. These are users who have staked or blocked a certain amount of ETH (32, to be precise) in an Ethereum smart contract, which makes you a transaction validator and receives a reward for it. 

As mentioned above, validators will not be able to withdraw frozen funds until several months after the merger. This was originally expected to happen at the time of the Shanghai upgrade, which could take place six to twelve months after the merger. 

However, some part of the validator community is apparently concerned that so far it is not entirely clear whether the Shanghai update will include the retirement functionality. 

As reported months ago by the developer Tim Beiko, the Enhancement Proposal (EIP) 4895 will be the function that activates the withdrawal of the rewards accumulated by the validators. This will be possible as long as the 32 ETHs that allow them to continue to carry out this task remain blocked. 

How are Ethereum and Eagle's classic theme, Hotel California, similar? 

At the insistence of validators on when they will be able to collect their rewards, Ethereum developer Micah Zoltu responded with a statement that "there is still no consensus on what features will be added in the Shanghai update."  

A Twitter user, StakeWithPride, shared screenshots from Discord, showing Zoltu's comments. 

It's not the first time

Previously, StakeWithPride shared another screenshot of a conversation with Zoltu, in which Zoltu explains that Ethereum players "are rich". They can also "buy expensive specialized hardware", so they don't have to immediately withdraw their ETH and can wait until later. Therefore, "user needs" are given priority over those of validators. 

On these comments from Zoltu, the community is arguing. These include Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, who on Twitter highlights how Ethereum is implementing the PoS consensus protocol. He likens PF blocking by validators to the Eagles group's classic "Hotel California" song. 

Apparently, the verse of the classic song that Hoskinson links to Ethereum is the one that reads: "Relax, said the man of the night, we are programmed to receive, you can come in whenever you want, but you can never go out". 

Comments left by several users include: “How rich am I if I don't have custody of my money?”, “Oh, right. It's not my money anymore. There are also other users who remind Hoskinson that Cardano is not that different from Ethereum, even if he disagrees with this view. 

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