US presidential elections, the campaign for the creation of a voting system based on Blockchain starts

US presidential elections, the campaign for the creation of a voting system based on Blockchain - US presidential elections

The theme of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology risks becoming quite important over the course of United States presidential election. If so far we have talked mainly about digital assets in relation to financing of some candidates, in recent weeks a theme has begun to emerge that due to the regularity of democratic processes could have a fundamental importance, namely the use of Blockchain technology for secure the popular vote.

The FollowMyVote campaign

FollowMyVote is an American startup born with the express purpose of creating a secure and economical platform for online voting. That of electronic voting is an extremely important issue, in light of what happened in the 2000, when the United States remained for days in suspense for the result of Florida. Precisely to avoid the repetition of a similar crisis and make the electoral process more transparent, it has long been invoked the adoption of procedures capable of giving security.
Just FollowMyVote has therefore announced the start of the development campaign for the launch of a electronic voting system on Blockchain. In particular, the system recommended should be based on that of EOS and proposes to be ready for the final act of the US presidential election, scheduled for next year.

What the project foresees

A large community of people has formed around FollowMyVote, with the intention of finally being able to identify an instrument capable of to prevent the manipulation of the popular vote not only in the presidential elections next year, but also in all the elections that take place on US soil.
To take charge of realizing these aspirations was the CEO, Adam Ernest, in whose dependencies a work group is in charge of developing a able to exploit the EOS Blockchain finally allowing the voters to have the assurance that their vote actually rewards the identified candidates and allow, if necessary, also to modify the expressed one, within a framework of effective guarantees. The project should progress through a end-to-end process which will allow verified users to be able to express the votes that will then be secured inside a "Ballot box" registered on Blockchain. In this way users who have expressed their will can see the outcome of their vote in real time.

The civic importance of FollowMyVote

The project is still under development, but its realization could give renewed life to US democracy, severely tested by what happened in the presidential elections of 2000, when Al Gore decided not to take the protest against the controversial outcome of the vote in Florida to the extreme limit. An event that has profoundly marked the country, so much to be continually evoked in some very popular television series, starting with "Scandal", in which precisely the outcome of a presidential ballot is rigged by acting on easily attackable voting methods.
According to supporters of FollowMyVote the adoption of the technology on which cryptocurrencies are also based could give rise to a much more secure system, thus giving a more complete sense to the will of the people, preventing it from being manipulated.