Soon you will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies with WhatsApp

For some time we have been hearing about the possibility of exchanging cryptocurrencies directly with the WhatsApp instant messaging app. In fact, using this application it would be possible to move the market, the management and exchange of ether, bitcoin and also of other cryptocurrencies. 

This possibility is given by a Swiss company that is the Zulu Republic. This company that deals with the development of new software that is based on blockchain of the edtech Ethereum, and has now managed to create a system that could soon allow the billions of users who use WhatsApp to trade their cryptocurrencies easily and securely. The service designed for the exchange of cryptocurrencies on WhatsApp will be managed through the Lite platform and will give the possibility to exchange Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ztx Token, Ether and other digital coins that are in circulation. 

About install the Zulu Republic bot on WhatsApp therefore you will be able to access a series of services that allow you to fully exploit the potential of the blockchain. In addition to being able to send and receive money with a digital exchange, these users will be able to view the history of movements, they will be able export the portfolio of cryptocurrency, modify the settings to be able to manage the transactions on the functioning of the software and advantages according to the movements that are carried out. 

Other companies work on cryptocurrency bots on messaging apps 

So the main allies for cryptocurrencies in the near future will be widespread and very simple systems such as messaging platforms among which there is WhatsApp but also other applications such as Telegram or Facebook. Not only that, Samsung also recently announced the future launch of the Samsung Coins based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Finally, too Facebook could enter this world. In fact, according to various rumors Mark Zuckerberg and his team are working on a token to get cryptocurrencies both in the world of Messenger and Instagram, but also of Whatsapp. If this were to happen, the Swiss application could have a significant competitor.