Dogey Inu coin price prediction - Tamadoge stronger alternative to DINU?

Dogey Inu coin price prediction - Tamadoge stronger alternative to DINU? - 1 0xvZ7sj2pSZEtgVDzv03TwDespite the bearish sentiment in the cryptocurrency markets, the Dogey Inu (DINU) meme coin has exploded more than 46% in the past few days. Meme coins almost appear to have an inverse correlation and have proven to be some of the most profitable options in crypto at the moment.

According to Coinmarketcap Dogey Inu (DINU) is a micro-cap with a market capital of only $ 1.299.380, which means that DINU is very volatile but could record huge gains in the future. Dogey Inu (DINU) is a fun experimental meme coin and its name comes from the Shiba Inu meme coin.

Dogey Inu (DINU) price prediction for 2022

From a technical analysis perspective, Dogey Inu (DINU) has shown strong bullish momentum over the past few days. Especially when Bitcoin lost the main support in an ascending wedge position and plummeted back to the $ 21k price levels. It appears that Dogey Inu (DINU) and many other small cap coins are invulnerable to the negative momentum in Bitcoin prices.

Dogey Inu (DINU) is now up more than 210% from the extreme fear phase of July 2022 following the collapse of the cryptocurrency Terra Luna. While investing in low-cap meme coins in a bear market is risky, it can be very rewarding if you invest in the right project.

Currently, Dogey Inu (DINU) is trading at $ 0,00000000312 and the pricing structure is reminiscent of the summer lows of 2021, when the cryptocurrency markets experienced the first phase of wycoff distribution. Personally, I think this is a good time to rack up most of the major altcoins in anticipation of the next impulse wave or cryptocurrency bull run.

The previous all-time high of Dogey Inu (DINU) was $ 0,000000065 in May 2021. Thereafter the price corrected sharply by 99% in the summer of 2021 (left purple rectangle, accumulation range). Shortly thereafter, Dogey Inu (DINU) began a parabolic recovery and reached $ 0,0000000476, which is an 8.275% increase in price from the trough.

Currently, Dogey Inu (DINU) is trading at similar price levels to the 2021 summer lows, which makes me believe there may be a rally soon if DINU manages to gain enough accumulation and traction at these price levels.

Alternative Meme Coins With Much More Potential?

The Dogey Inu (DINU) meme coin has already started two parabolic rallies that have led to very severe corrections in previous altcoin seasons. While it certainly performed well before hitting a market capital of $ 16 million, I believe it is unlikely to be picked up in the next cryptocurrency bull run. I personally prefer to explore the meme coin market for projects that are not yet traded on exchanges - by investing in cryptocurrency presales.

An exciting new meme coin, known as Tamadoge, is on presale and has yet to hit the cryptocurrency markets. Tamadoge is a new deflationary, tax-free and gaming meme coin that will have huge upside potential and a maximum supply of just $ 2 billion.

Tamadoge (TAMA) is already making a big statement, as it raised $ 6.964.685 in its presale during a bear market in cryptocurrencies in just over 3 weeks. Cryptocurrency presales are a good way to hedge against bearish price action, as they seem not to react too much to market sentiment and rely more on the performance of their presales and marketing strategies.

For example, a presale we analyzed recently saw an increase of over 400% when it launched on the Pancakeswap decentralized exchange during the public sale.

My next pick is Tamadoge (TAMA) as it has already generated a lot of hype and offers strong utility and replay value for starters. Tamadoge will create cardholder incentives, offer NFTs, real world rewards, and more.

Currently Tamadoge's presale has already exceeded 50%, so you need to move quickly if you want to get in. Learn more about the roadmap, whitepaper and how buy Tamadoge, visit the official website.