Pundi X changes monthly dividends

Pundi x is one of the cryptocurrencies that we are keeping an eye on for its high potential in particular, not speculative but useful for mass adoption.

Pundi x has 2 products 

The first product, the most futuristic one, is a smartphone entirely based on blockchain, so everything will be saved and embedded in the blocks forever.

Function x

Pundi X changes monthly dividends - function x

Obviously it is a product recently presented at international congresses and will be marketed at the end of 2019. For now there are so many doubts, the only thing to look for is that it doesn't work with a sim, but it only works connected to Wifi. 

We have many doubts, but of one thing we are sure, that the company Pundi X what it says produces, in fact we introduce the second product.


This is really interesting, a real pos, with receipt printing for transactions, this is already in production with about 100.000 specimens already marketed all over the world.

Pundi X changes monthly dividends - xpos

Pundi x The monthly dividends change.

A very interesting thing, which many cryptocurrencies adopt, is to give monthly / daily dividends for those who hold the cryptocurrency, it is an incentive not to sell / speculate but to strengthen the brand.

Never like for Pundi this is very important, because unlike other coins, Pundi produces objects, therefore it must have factories and distributors, must buy material, pay employees, this is possible only if the value is not devalued too much.

Table of dividends change from 1,8% to 11%

Here is the example. Suppose you own 10.000 NPXS in February 2019 and wait until 1 Jun 2019 without buying and selling. You will get 212 tokens unlocked in March (2.11637%) and then 1.129 tokens unlocked in April (11.064%), 1.255 tokens unlocked in May (11.064%), 1.394 tokens unlocked in June (11.064%). See the table below on how numbers are calculated.

Pundi X changes monthly dividends - global distribution

So no longer a program of well 2 years, but only 3 months for 11% every month. It is the last opportunity to have dividends, then everything will change, a new token will be introduced that will replace npxs and npxsxem (but we will talk about this in another article).

What to do to get 11%?

We have 3 possibilities

1) Leave everything up Binance which supports distribution

2) Put everything on Xwallet android o Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),

3) Have the private keys of your own ERC20 and make the claim.