This family has put everything they had into Bitcoin and now they travel the world with a completely different message

This family put everything they had in Bitcoin and now travel the world with a completely different message - Turn an old van into a mobile home and now travel the world with his dog.Everyone thinks that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (find out how buy bitcoin) are too risky to pour out all their wealth for the obvious reasons of their enormous volatility: everyone is too afraid that that wealth could massively shrink in no time, but then again no one wants to imagine how rich they could be if that money generates a huge wealth in no time.

This is the conservative approach that financial and economic advisors prefer to see you take.

This Dutch family is different! Didi Taihuttu, his wife and their three children are experiencing a challenge. To start a new lifestyle, they sold their computer training company, their 2.500 square foot home, toys and everything in between.

“I choose to live a life that is not boring and to see life as an adventure. You can take some strange paths in life, but they often lead to the best. These are steps I have taken many times in my life and they are the best. Similar to what I took, which consisted of selling all of our family's assets, our homes and businesses, and then investing everything in Bitcoin.

The Moral Of This Story

The point of the story is not to let you choose one approach or the other.

There have been many posts on the internet of people having to cry about how they bought Bitcoin with all their wealth, only to find it was a source of pain. Taihuttu and his family believe their investment strategy has a major impact on their future.

They now enjoy a life of "decentralized nomadism", which they call a way to travel the world with their family. Backpacks are all you need, and there is no need for luxury goods. They also find other things worth doing with their life. They want to share a different message with the world: it is possible to live without luxury.

They've been to 40 countries, but they don't have bank accounts. Their wealth, which is almost entirely in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, is vaulted across four continents. The rest of their wealth is kept for trade or other purposes.

Taihuttu (42), played professional football until the age of 20, then went to school and founded three clubs. He realized he wasn't living the life he wanted. He sold all three companies and started traveling with his family to combine his passions. Bitcoin wasn't what motivated him back then.

“During my travels, a good friend reminded me that I had to check the Bitcoin / Doge coins that I mined in 2013. Although I was honest, I lost faith in Bitcoin after the 2014 crash, Bitcoin has continued to cross my path too. on family trip.

“Our lives were so happy traveling that our family was very happy and we felt that the children should have been able to live happily without the luxury of a home. We sold our house and all other assets to help the revolution and went all-in in Bitcoin.

They have written a book which also contains tips on how to invest Bitcoin. They have raised enormously from their Bitcoin investments over time, despite the price dropping to half $ 3.000 in 2018.

Their family also records and documents their lives and shares them on YouTube and IGTV. Some professional documentary filmmakers also document their lifestyle.