Raymond T. Odierno is a former general in the United States Army. Prior to serving as Chief of Staff, Odierno commanded the US Joint Forces from October 2010 until his extinction in August 2011. In addition, he served as Commander General of the US Forces in Iraq. , from September 2008 until September 2010. But what are you doing today since your retirement in 2015? An article that appeared online some time ago claims that Odierno took an interest in crypto currencies, but will this really be the case? Let's find out together in this article.

The article that appeared on the former US general claims that Raymond T. Odierno has been interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and automatic trading systems in recent years. However, other than these articles published mostly on gossip sites, we couldn't find anything else. There are no sources, neither video nor audio interviews with Odierno talking about Bitcoin or similar can be found online. So? We think it's just fake news.

In the headlines of these fake news it is said that Odierno has invested in Bitcoin earning thousands of dollars a day thanks to automatic trading systems such as Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Evolution. However, being a former general of the United States, we are sure that Odierno does not need these tricks at all to live. Indeed, we think that the former general now retired, does not even know what these systems are. We have tested them instead and you can read our full reviews on our website. If you want to know more, read on.

Raymond T. Odierno and Bitcoin - Do Gossip Sites Create Click-Catcher Headlines?

Raymond T. Odierno is quite a famous character in his homeland and without a shadow of a doubt, every title that includes his name attracts several clicks. Some articles that have appeared online in recent times, claim that the former general has taken an interest in online trading systems, but it is only fake news. But then what is their interest? Why generate these fake titles? Simple, it's all about obscure marketing to create click-bait titles.

The so-called "click-catcher" titles are used by gossip sites to attract web traffic to their portals. To which pro? Simply to improve their search engine rankings. The research we have conducted on these articles makes us say with certainty that it is 100% fake news.

Raymond Thomas Odierno and Bitcoin - Has the former US general ever invested in cryptocurrencies? - raymond thomas odierno

However, this does not mean that the software mentioned within them are not to be considered by those looking for safe investments online. In this article we will offer you a brief overview of these platforms that we have tested in the past. While if you want to know more, you can read the complete reviews that you always find on our site.

Bitcoin Code

Raymond Thomas Odierno and Bitcoin - Has the former US general ever invested in cryptocurrencies? - bitcoin code logo 300x120

Bitcoin Code is a very popular platform and on Google Trends it is one of the most popular search terms. This application has been launched online for some years now and thanks to its effectiveness, it has quickly become one of the most used in the world. There are many positive reviews found online about this platform and many agree that it is able to generate excellent returns, starting from a minimum investment capital of $ 250.

Those unfamiliar with Bitcoin Code are rightly wondering if the app is reliable? Well, from our direct experience Bitcoin Code was found to be 100% safe and reliable. But if you don't believe our words, you can also read lots of positive opinions online, which other people have left from direct experience. Highlights of the platform include excellent customer support and an easy-to-use website.

How does Bitcoin Code work? It's very simple. The application uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, which they learn as the platform makes investment. Its profitability is already very high from the start, but it even improves over time. Furthermore, in addition to trading Bitcoins, it also allows you to trade other popular crypto currencies.

Does Raymond T. Odierno recommend Bitcoin Code?

On Bitcoin Code they are said of cooked and raw, also that Raymond T. Odierno recommends its use to exchange cryptocurrencies. However, there is no evidence to support this news.

We can safely say that these rumors are generated by fake news portals that seek nothing more than to attract attention and web traffic to their sites. Their purpose is to improve search engine rankings.

Raymond T. Odierno has never heard, most likely of Bitcoin, nor of the systems that are used to perform automatic operations such as the software in question, which however remains one of the best out there.

How to trade with Bitcoin Code

Using Bitcoin Code to trade cryptocurrencies is very simple, just follow these few steps:

  • Access the official Bitcoin Code website
  • Register for free on the site and make your first deposit
  • Practice the demo account before using real money
  • Go live with the click of a button and start earning

Bitcoin Trader

Raymond Thomas Odierno and Bitcoin - Has the former US general ever invested in cryptocurrencies? - bitcoin trader logo

Bitcoin Trader only arrived in 2016 and yet it has already gained immense popularity among investors across the planet. The reason is simple, the possibility of earning financial freedom within a few months, starting with a minimum investment of $ 250. Its effectiveness is given by advanced trading algorithms that use modern technologies such as Machine Learning to learn from their mistakes.

Although everyone is aware of the great volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin Trader manages to profit from its movements, both up and down. Which means you don't have to wait for a bull market to make any gains. Bitcoin Trader analyzes the markets in a very short time, generating hundreds of trading signals per minute.

The operations are then carried out through a partner broker who offers leverage up to a maximum of 1: 5000. With an ROI of around 400%, Bitcoin Trader is able to generate three-zero daily profits, starting with a minimal investment.

Does Raymond T. Odierno use Bitcoin Trader?

Even in this case we have not found evidence supporting Raymond T. Odierno's use of Bitcoin Trader. For this reason, we also consider this news to be completely false.

As mentioned earlier, gossip sites generate this news only to attract web traffic to their portals. However, Bitcoin Trader is a safe and reliable platform, suitable for experienced and novice traders.

Although it has not been on the market for many years like other renowned platforms, Bitcoin Trader has been able to be appreciated thanks to a careful eye towards the customer and an effectiveness that exceeds all expectations.

How to use Bitcoin Trader

Using Bitcoin Trader is really very simple. It takes less than 10 minutes to open a new account and soon after, you will already be on the dashboard to open and close trades. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Access the Bitcoin Trader website through the links on this page
  • Register and make a deposit of at least $ 250
  • Use the demo account to practice the platform
  • Once you understand the dashboard controls, switch to the real account

Bitcoin Evolution

Raymond Thomas Odierno and Bitcoin - Has the former US general ever invested in cryptocurrencies? - Bitcoin Evolution 5 300x68

Bitcoin Evolution is one of the oldest applications in this landscape. This is certainly the most popular of the three proposals in this article and associated with former General Raymond T. Odierno. It is very easy to invest with this platform, but let's go step by step.

Its operation is quite similar to that described above for the other two applications, however it uses different algorithms. These perform the fundamental and technical analysis of the markets in no time, then generate profitable trading signals, which the platform executes automatically (or manually if desired - only for experienced traders).

Has Raymond T. Odierno ever invested with Bitcoin Evolution?

No, the retired former US general never thought of investing in online trading systems like Bitcoin Evolution, not because they are not reliable (indeed), but simply because they are outside his sphere of interest.

These rumors were also generated by fake news sites whose only interest is to attract web traffic to their portals to improve their positioning in the major online search systems. If you want to know more, you can read our full review.

How to trade cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Evolution

Starting to exchange cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin Evolution is really simple and it only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is:

  • Sign up on the official Bitcoin Evolution website
  • Verify identity and make the minimum deposit of $ 250
  • Practice with the demo account and then switch to Live mode


The platforms that are combined with the name of the retired former US general, Raymond T. Odierno, are safe and reliable, as verified by our tests and written in our reviews.

In addition, there are numerous online testimonials that speak positively about it. Odierno does not use them because they are not within his sphere of interest, but anyone interested in using them would do well to take a look at them immediately.