Crypto Wealth is a platform that allows users who use it to earn money without necessarily having to know in depth the world of cryptocurrencies. As it really promises a lot, we decided to test it firsthand and this is our Crypto Wealth review.

First, you need to determine if this is the usual well-organized online scam, or if the software really works. Since it requires you to invest even a minimum amount of € 250 to start investing, we had to do it too.

Is it really possible to earn thousands of dollars with such a small investment? What the Crypto Wealth website claims is clear enough, but we are a bit like St. Thomas and if we don't see we don't believe. So let's start with our review.

What is Crypto Wealth

Crypto Wealth is a software for automatic trading of digital currencies, which allows you to do financial exchanges automatically, without requiring the user to do anything. Platforms like this claim that they can predict market movements, but it's really possible.

Despite its advanced algorithms, the cryptocurrency market can be very volatile and for this reason, we recommend as well as the Crypto Wealth website, to invest only money that you can afford to lose.Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Wealth Crypto logo

What is the use of forecasting the markets? In this world, knowing in advance how markets will move is essential. Furthermore, it is the same to react promptly and before this happens. Thus Crypto Wealth makes targeted trading decisions, relying on its sophisticated algorithm.

As it has been programmed to spread wealth, this software is capable of achieving a very high level of accuracy. The website claims that its accuracy is over 90%, very similar to that of other great software such as Bitcoin Era.

Is Crypto Wealth a Scam?

Search terms like "Crypto Wealth Scam" and "Reliable Crypto Wealth" are very popular on Google. Because? Where is the truth? Let's start by saying that on the internet it is easy to find conflicting opinions among the reviews of cryptocurrency platforms. Because? Simply because they allow normal people to achieve financial freedom, which those who "pull the strings" do not want!

We have personally tested Crypto Wealth and we can say with certainty that it is a safe and reliable platform, which protects customer accounts with a high level of encryption and returns excellent results.

According to its website, 9 out of 10 trades are successful. From our experience, we can say that this is true. We also read hundreds of testimonials from happy people who had a great experience with Crypto Wealth.

Here are some advantages offered by this software:

  • Wealth Crypto has a success rate of over 90%
  • The website is easy to use, as is the platform
  • To start trading just sign up for free
  • A minimum deposit of just $ 250 is required

The functioning of Crypto Wealth

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Crypto Wealth step

It is extremely simple to register on the Crypto Wealth website, as well as being 100% free. Once you enter the home page through the links you find in our review, official links, you can start registering by entering your personal information in the registration form. Just enter your first name, last name and email address to get started. After that, you will be asked to enter your mobile number to verify the user's identity and make sure it is not a bot.

That's all. After activating your account, it will be active and ready to use within a few seconds. At this point you can start depositing your investment capital. Attention, this is not the price to pay to use the platform. The software is completely free and its developers earn from a small percentage of users' profits and it is for this reason that the software is credible, because it is in its interest to make you money!

Crypto Wealth, like all software of this kind, bases its operation on sophisticated trading algorithms, which analyze the cryptocurrency markets at lightning speed. Something that no trader, even the most experienced one, could do at the same speed. By analyzing the markets and performing fundamental and technical analysis, Crypto Wealth returns free trading signals which the software then automatically follows.

How to create an account with Crypto Wealth

As mentioned above, it is extremely simple to create a Crypto Wealth trading account. Basically, just follow the three steps listed below.

1. Registration

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Wealth Crypto recording

Access the main page of Crypto Wealth and follow the registration process, consisting of only 2 steps. Enter your basic personal information, verify your account and you will be online in no time.

2. Deposit

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Wealth Crypto deposit

Making a deposit is extremely simple. When a platform is just a scam, it offers few payment methods, which aren't even very secure. Crypto Wealth, on the other hand, being a reliable software, offers its customers to make deposits and withdrawals with with a wide range of methods, such as credit cards, wire transfers and e-wallets.

3. Trading

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Crypto Wealth trading

Once you have deposited your trading capital, you can immediately start using the platform. Upon registration, the user is automatically assigned a broker. We have taken a look at all those available and can confirm that they are the best intermediaries in the industry, so you can rest assured from this point of view too. The web-based platform can be used on any device connected to the internet.

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Key Features of Crypto Wealth

Among the features that have made Crypto Wealth popular among users, we mention the main ones:


According to the official website of Crypto Wealth, the amount of the payouts mainly depends on the investment made. So you can forget about earning thousands of euros a day with a minimum investment of € 250. To get to certain levels you need patience and perseverance.

Verification system

Crypto Wealth reviews are very satisfied especially with the verification system offered by Crypto Wealth. To verify your identity, in fact, you just need to confirm your phone number provided during the registration process.

Deposits and withdrawals

It is extremely simple to make a deposit to Crypto Wealth, but the same is also true for withdrawals. If not, the platform could not be known as reliable. We made a deposit request ourselves, which was processed in less than 24 hours. Excellent!

Costs and commissions

As mentioned above, Crypto Wealth doesn't charge any registration fees. The only commission, it is a profit of 1% on the profits of its users. This is how its developers make money. Therefore, it is in their interest that you succeed.

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Celebrities use Crypto Wealth too?

Reading various testimonials online, we also found articles from famous people who would use Crypto Wealth on different social media. The conditional is a must, because unfortunately we cannot verify the truthfulness of these articles directly with the interested parties, however, we can provide you with a brief excerpt of what is said around.

Flavio Briatore

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - flavio briatore bitcoin revolution

In addition to being the former owner of Benetton in Formula 1, Flavio is also a skilled entrepreneur and investor. His involvement in the financial world is also supported by the recently aired television program. During which, he confirmed the reliability of platforms such as Crypto Wealth.

Marco Baldini

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - marco baldini 1024x683

The well-known radio host has managed to repay his debts thanks to software such as Bitcoin Era, Crypto Wealth and others. At this point we no longer have any doubts, these programs work and everyone can use them, even if they have never had previous experience with the world of finance and online trading.

Fabio Fazio

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Fabio Fazio 1024x576

During a broadcast, the well-known TV host claimed that Crypto Wealth is great software, before it was stopped by its authors. Why doesn't RAI want us to talk about it? Why should it remain a secret if the software really works? Think people!

Lorenzo Jovanotti

Crypto Wealth Review: Scam or Not? Here is our live test - Jovanotti Bitcoin

Lorenzo Jovanotti was one of the first to believe in Bitcoin. This is confirmed by the Italian singer-songwriter in several interviews released to the press. Online it is also rumored to use programs like Crypto Wealth to trade automatically, but as mentioned above, this we are unable to verify.

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Crypto Wealth is a software that has only recently made ends meet and yet, thanks to its effectiveness and reliability, it has already become very popular. There are dozens of online testimonials left by people who are enthusiastic about its operation.

According to its official website, this platform would be able to make people financially free in no time. We want to say that it is true, but we also want to add that this is not possible with a minimum investment of € 250 overnight.

Those who can and those who wish, can also invest larger amounts, however, we recommend flying low, especially if it is the first time you approach the world of online trading, which always hides pitfalls due to its high volatility. .



How Much Can I Earn with Crypto Wealth?

There is no maximum limit or minimum daily limit that can be established with Crypto Wealth. Profits depend on the minimum capital invested, the volatility of the markets and the level of risk chosen. To make money without risking too much, it is recommended to start with the default settings. Also, it is advisable to trade while the New York markets open.

Is Crypto Wealth a Scam?

Wealth Crypto is a platform that has only recently arrived in Italy and for this reason (and its high profitability), many are wondering if it is reliable or not. Our tests have shown that users can trust this platform, which does not manage finances directly, but does so through top-tier and highly regulated financial brokers.

Are Celebrities Using Crypto Wealth?

Crypto Wealth is a relatively new platform and probably not many people know about it yet. That's why we doubt what certain online gossip sites write, whose sole purpose seems to be to attract web traffic to them to improve their search engine rankings. Celebrities probably don't know about this software and don't even need it being rich already. However, its effectiveness is proven.