Ripple favorable to the regulation of cryptocurrencies

Ripple favorable to the regulation of cryptocurrencies - Ripple

As reported by the Ripple manager Michelle Bond, (see Ripple listing) the company is in favor of more precise regulation on the cryptocurrency market. In fact, the manager says that stability and an effective training framework are possibilities for growth for the market and for the same cryptocurrencies. 

Institutions want more regulation. Ripple is favorable. 

There was a lot of talk about interest during the first half of 2019 by the institutions to regulate and understand even better the cryptocurrency market. Several important institutional figures have expressed their views, such as President Donald Trump who led the debate to the Senate, especially after Facebook's desire to create a new stablecoin (Pound). 

In addition to institutional characters, too the main cryptocurrencies they are demanding regulation that is effective and fair. Second, some of them lack legislation that can eliminate any misunderstanding. He also expressed himself on this subject Michelle Bond, the manager of Ripple, who stated: we at Ripple, we want to continue to support a framework which is based on principles that refer to something that is prescribed.

The motivation lies in the fact, that better regulation would also allow for implement a framework that is based on principles that can be adapted with the passage of time even with the arrival of new technologies. 

Not only, in the context of cryptocurrencies having clearer definitions allows companies to have the right trust for investments, in a way where regulators act as a kind of guardrail. 

The words of Bond, followed those of the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, which in recent days has sent an open letter to various US regulators, urging the government to facilitate legislation for the whole cryptocurrency community. 

In the last period the CEO of Ripple has a privileged channel with the United States government. Just a few days ago, in fact, the cryptocurrency can act as a new payment system for the United States. See the article how to buy Ripple