Robert Kiyosaki continues to buy Bitcoin and Ether

Robert Kiyosaki continues to buy Bitcoin and Ether - Robert Kiyosaki copRobert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author of "Rich Dad Poor Dad," continues to support Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and silver, relentlessly criticizing the government for the state of the economy.

The words of the important businessman

In a recent tweet, which is just one of the many elements that characterize his pro-virtual goods campaign, the entrepreneur declared that money is a drug that makes people happy. The problem is when this ends and people change their mood. But bitcoin, silver and gold keep you happy.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Kiyosaki has criticized government policies that, according to him, could lead to hyperinflation, devaluing the fiat currency, and has carried out promotional campaigns for the adoption of virtual assets which, in his words, are "money. real".

The businessman, who is also the author of Rich Global LLC, pointed out that he is not interested in the ongoing discussions about which asset has the most value and is just trying to acquire as much of it as possible.

For this reason he continued to buy BTC, but also ETH gold and silver. He doesn't want to question himself he said on an episode of Rich Dad Radio Show.

In his relentless campaign, Kiyosaki did not miss an opportunity to criticize the Federal Reserve as well, especially in the area of ​​economic policies to combat growing financial problems. In one of his many tweets, he claims that stimulus controls negatively affect the middle class.

At the end of last year, Kiyosaki predicted that Bitcoin's "next stop" would be at $ 50.000 when it was only slightly above one. quotation of $ 19.000, urging people to buy the cryptocurrency before his prediction materialized.

In fact, at the time he said he was happy to have bought Bitcoin, because in the near future it would rise to 50k dollars. And so it was.

Robert Kiyosaki rushes to buy Bitcoin and Ether as the economy weakens

In addition to Kiyosaki, other notable figures, including economists, CEOs and financial experts, have declared their support for Bitcoin.

Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of Social Capital on CNBC's “Halftime Report”, stated a couple of months ago that bitcoin could probably reach $ 200.

Howard Marks, billionaire writer and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Management, said in a recent interview that bitcoin is better than an emerging market currency, finally dissolving his doubts about the digital asset.

However, some investors have warned the public against investing too much in cryptocurrency, one of which is Mark Cuban, an American entrepreneur, who likened investing in bitcoin to gambling.

James Ledbetter, an American author, also noted that bitcoin "is a highly volatile and very risky investment", asking investors to be "mentally and financially prepared" for a long-term crash.

These are just some of the predictions made by the most influential men on the planet. And which side are you on? Have you already started investing in bitcoin, or are you pessimistic about it?