Russia, Sberbank wants to have the crypto data of its customers

He has been making the position of Sberbank in relation to the cryptocurrency position held by its customers.

Sberbank and cryptocurrencies

According to Forbes, in fact, Sberbank would be sending letters to its customers asking precise information on crypto-value assets held by them. In particular, the addresses of the main Russian credit institutes would be the target of information cryptocurrency wallet online of the current account holders, their equipment for mining (and the indication it concerns devices owned or rented) and still the reference hash rate.

Such a position - that the bank justified being in application of a law against money laundering and the fight against terrorist financing - is naturally creating more than a few headaches for the exchanges, which complain about such substantial investigations by of the credit institution, defining such massive communication to customers as "anomalous".

It is also rather curious that everything is happening just as the Russian authorities seem to have slowed down on the regulatory ideas of the crypto-value market. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev himself recently commented that there is no urgent need to regulate the crypto sector, considering that according to the Russian government cryptocurrencies are losing popularity.

But will it really be like this?