SafeEarth announces that it will be giving $ 200 to charity this year

SafeEarth announces that it will give $ 200 to charity this year - safeearth announces 200k in charity donations this yearSafeEarth users can enjoy the benefits of DeFi while preserving the delicate balance of the world. Now, the project announces that it has successfully issued donations in excess of $ 200.000 to various user-selected charities and projects ranging from ocean cleanup to access to health care and education for children.

An impressive amount of positive feedback and goodwill that has allowed this company to thrive in what it does best. Helping those who need an extra boost. Without the donations made by SafeEarth, these organizations may not have been able to continue doing the good work they do.

Within weeks of launch, SafeEarth has done more than anyone on this planet. And this is only the beginning. With the way things are going, next year will give the boost that many of these charitable funds need. And you can choose where to do charity! Where else can you influence such a major distribution of funds and when was the last time you had a say in something like this?

Healing the world through the Blockchain

Within months, SafeEarth has enabled thousands of people from around the world to play a crucial role in helping humanity and the world. SafeEarth has distributed donations in the form of ETH (quotations in real time), with a publicly displayed contract address. Using concise logging and data immutability, SafeEarth allows all donors to view their donations on the blockchain which are then transparently sent to listed charities.

People can also become part of SafeEarth via the SafeEarth native deflationary token. Through this token, each holder has the opportunity to vote on upcoming charity incentives, and the charity with the most votes is added to the ever-growing list. Current Safe Earth supported charities are:

  • The Ocean Cleanup: A non-profit organization that aims to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and reduce the chances of more plastic waste entering the oceans by catching it from rivers around the world.

  • Amazon Watch: With a third of the terrestrial vegetation in South America, the Amazon rainforest is devastated for its resources and gives way to human expansion. Amazon Watch intends to protect indigenous jungle plants and animal species.

  • Save the Children: the secular movement protects the rights of children and offers the most disadvantaged the possibility of a better life.

  • Charity Water: Bringing fresh water to people on all continents, Charity Water has installed over 64.000 freshwater projects for communities around the world

  • The Water Project: Clean, potable water is a precious and often inaccessible resource in sub-Saharan Africa. The Water Project offers financial support and training for people to build their own water supply and purification systems.

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