According to the State of Nevada, Bitcoin ATMs must have a regular license to operate

According to the State of Nevada, Bitcoin ATMs must have a regular license to operate - bitcoinatm

The authorities of Nevada have officially announced that to be able to operate in a legal manner, the ATMsi.e. Bitcoin ATMs and other virtual currencies, they must obtain a regular license issued by the State. An announcement that seems to open a new front in the guerrilla between politics and virtual currencies, as it is faithful to the line according to which financial activities, traditional or based on new technologies, must in any case be subject to a principle of centralization, or submission to the state authority. A line that has always been indigestible to the composite front that moves in support of the principle of democratization of finance which is the central nucleus on which digital assets are based.

ATM operators must comply with existing standards

The 28 August, the portal Nevada Current published a statement issued by Financial Institutions Division of the Department of Business and Industry (NFID), or the authority which is entrusted with the task of regulating the financial activities that take place within the State, according to which ATM operators must comply with existing rules. Rules which state that any entity that facilitates the transmission or holding of legal or digital currencyregardless of its nature, it must still contact the NFID in order to request a license to be able to operate. Without which, of course, it stands at the margins of the law.

The normative references

The statement issued by the Financial Institutions Division of the Department of Business and Industry specifically refers to one legislative session held in early 2019, during which the request for a change to the licensing rules that would affect ATM owners was rejected.
In particular, NFID explained that over the past few months, many companies and people interested in opening such an activity within the state borders have consulted the body. Always getting the same answer: in light of existing laws, a license is required to do so, as is the case for all financial activities that take place in Nevada.

Bitcoin ATMs in the United States continue to proliferate

As can be easily deduced from the press release issued by the NFID, there are therefore many who intend to take advantage of the long wave generated by Bitcoin, in this case by implanting the ATMs that allow it to be withdrawn. Second coinatmrad is, in Nevada they are currently present 110 ATM where you can withdraw Bitcoin and other virtual coins. A figure that can be considered the classic tip of the iceberg, considered as the United States they can boast more machines than any other country in the world, that is almost 3.500, on a global total attested at 5.500 quota. A growth made even more significant by the fact that the requests to open an ATM are held back by the fact that many possible users find the commissions associated with their use excessive, if compared with the online alternatives, therefore preferring to fall back on the latter.
Finally, it should be remembered that ATMs for BTCs are associated with various parties riciclaggio di denaro, so much so as to push a part of the political world to ask for the abolition of ATMs altogether.