Shiba Inu, the Dogecoin opponent, appears on the Robinhood competitor

Shiba Inu, the Dogecoin opponent, appears on Robinhood's competitor - shiba inu coverShiba Inu continues to make great strides in proving to be a worthy rival to Dogecoin. The former has seen a steady rise in recent weeks, while the latter has seen stagnant prices. The community has moved to list the meme coin on platforms where it could adequately compete with the original meme coin. Support has also spilled over to SHIB as platforms like Coinbase have included the asset on their exchanges.

La quotation on platforms where investors can easily buy cryptocurrency is an important step for any project. This is why the Shiba Inu community pushed for popular platforms like Robinhood to list the meme coin.

Robinhood, which is best known for being a platform for trading Dogecoin, has been petitioned by SHIB supporters to list the altcoin. The petition has so far collected over 280.000 signatures, but the trading platform has yet to respond.

The audience takes advantage of Robinhood's silence is one of Robinhood's main competitors. The trading platform that allows users to trade stocks has also started offering cryptocurrency trading to its clients. Robinhood's rival offers users access to trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin and has now added Shiba Inu to the list.

The platform announced on Twitter Wednesday that it is adding SHIB to the range of cryptocurrencies members can trade on the platform. The trading platform took advantage of Robinhood's continued silence regarding the petition to bring Shiba Inu trading to users.

SHIB's price didn't see any significant movement after the listing announcement, but it was still a positive development for meme coin proponents.

Shiba Inu defies market expectations

The meme coin may only be six months old, but it has given one of the most significant returns on the market. SHIB recovered after momentum slowed to a crawl following a decline in hype. However, the meme coin that the market expected to vanish into obscurity due to its lack of usefulness has continued to defy expectations. SHIB has posted gains of over 1.000% in the past few weeks. It hit a six-month high in the first week of October and has mostly maintained a high price range since then.

Rumors about the listing of meme coins on Robinhood had seen the price of the digital asset rise on Monday. This was fueled by the number of signatures the petition had obtained. Despite the rumors turned out to be false, Shiba Inu has not suffered a great decline.

The month of October saw the altcoin erase a zero from its price. The surge has made meme coin the XNUMXth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, a position SHIB has held so far since it claimed it.