Shiba Inu Solves Scalability Problem In Trillion Dollar Market – Major Updates And SHIB On Path To $0,10

Shiba Inu solves scalability problem in trillion dollar market - Major Updates and SHIB on its way to $0,10 - 617956fd38046100183edfb0Shiba Inu is poised to take the cryptocurrency market by storm with the launch of its new Layer-2 scaling solution Shibarium. The launch of Shibarium has been announced for most of 2022. The developers are now updating the Shib community on the next move to watch.

In a recent tweet Ringoshi Toitsu, the manager of FUND REUMining and Validator on the Unification maincahin, revealed that Unification and Shib are teaming up to “unify data together”.

Toitsu also provided more information on the launch date, in response to a Twitter user who insisted on getting an exact date for the public testnet beta to launch.

“The team of Unification and SHIB is working tirelessly for the release of Shibarium. An exact date has not been provided and it would be against my ethics to give a certain date without substantial evidence. The best thing we can do is assume it's soon, given recent Github updates." Has explained.

However, a Shib influencer, known as Shib BPP, has revealed that the beta testing will come soon after the documentation process, which is next on the developers list.

He also highlighted the addition of a “Shibarium announcement” section to the official Shiba token community on Discord.

In the meantime, the developers have taken the time to clarify the rumors surrounding the update. Via the official Twitter of the Shibarium network, the developers confirmed that Bone is the only token selected by the developers for gas usage and tariffs. “No more tokens will be needed to operate within the protocol.” they added.

The developers have also debunked claims suggesting that Shibarium is under development for other tokens.

“Furthermore, and to be strictly clear: Shibarium was developed for @Shibtoken and not for the sake of any other project claiming ownership or speculating on its operational dependence on any other token.” They explained in another tweet.

The developers reminded community members that the layer-2 scaling solution only belongs to the Shib community and its "strong foundation." Shibarium will always include Shiba sinus support and growth, they added.

Can the Shib reach a price level of $0,10?

Shiba Inu has seen a commendable surge in its price since its launch in August 2020. Since then, the meme coin has been cited alongside Dogecoin, one of the longest-running memecoins in the market.

The highest Shib price to date is $0,000086. Shib hit this price on October 28 and has since fallen to $0,000084.

The launch of Shibarium is expected to bring scalability to the network and this could in turn help Shib gain more momentum in the market.

Some analysts have even predicted that Shiba Inu have the ability to climb to one quotation by $0,10 this year. But in the short term, some are predicting a 30% price rally before the end of January.