Sifu launches his own token after being forced out of Wonderland

Sifu launches his own token after being forced out of Wonderland - alice wonderland rabbit defi gID 1The recently ousted Wonderland DAO treasury manager 0xSifu has launched a new token bearing his name. 

On February 18, it distributed one million eponymous SIFU tokens in the Uniswap V3 pool and paired them with Ethereum. quotation in real time). 

Sifu forced to leave 'wonderland'

Sifu was Wonderland's treasury manager and worked closely with Frog nation founder Daniele Sestagalli. 

However, the community was advised that Sifu was Michael Patryn, the co-founder of the failed Quadriga exchange, where the other co-founder, Gerry Cotten, went missing with nearly $ 200 million in investor funds. 

Although Sifu claimed not to be involved in this, he was previously convicted of credit card fraud in 2004 and spent a few months in prison.

The news of his identity led to a panic over the DAO and other Sestagalli projects. Many people have blamed Sestagalli for hiding such crucial information from DAO members. In the end, more than 80% voted that Sifu should be out of the project.

Launch your Token

With the launch of his eponymous token, Sifu proves that he has left behind what happened in Wonderland. He recently announced that he would not be returning to Wonderland. 

According to data available on Etherscan, there are currently around 192 holders of the token, and it currently trades at around $ 99. Interestingly, one of the wallets that bought the token is associated with Zachxbt, the whistleblower who revealed his previous anonymous identity.

Other noteworthy information on the holders shows that Sifu himself holds 49.000 of the tokens, while one trader spent nearly $ 500.000 to purchase 4.835 SIFU tokens.

Crypto community "skeptical" about SIFU

While some are buying the new token, some are still skeptical of its involvement in a DeFi project given its past. He challenged those people to prove that he was guilty of any fraudulent activity while he was in Wonderland. According to him, he has "paid his debt to society," and his past no longer represents what he stands for.

Currently, there is no information on the purpose or function of the SIFU token. Clearly, whoever buys it does so based solely on Sifu's reputation. Sifu is a verifiable whale with a public wallet balance of approximately $ 146 million. For some, this is sufficient proof that this new venture was not motivated by money.