Skrill continues its expansion into the American crypto market by partnering with Coinbase

Skrill continues its expansion into the American crypto market by partnering with Coinbase - skrillSkrill has added 11 other US states to its list of services, integrating Coinbase-based solutions into its platform, allowing more and more users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies easily.

The integration opens the door for Paysafe Skrill users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies immediately

In another strategic move designed to increase its presence in the American cryptocurrency ecosystem, Paysafe's digital wallet, Skrill, has entered into a deal with Coinbase, a leading provider of digital currency platforms.

By signing the deal, Skrill will receive a new white label solution from Coinbase allowing it to add 11 more US states to its list of services. The new solution will allow Skrill to offer its digital wallet in the states of Wyoming, Vermont, Virginia, Tennessee, South Dakota, New Hampshire, Maryland, Kentucky, Kansas, Colorado and Alaska.

This first step of Skrill, with more states to be added soon, further enhances the capabilities of the digital wallet for US users. For Skrill, the past year has been very busy. The 2020 results in the US included the launch of the VISA prepaid and money transfer service.

Skrill's CEO said that right now, interest in cryptocurrencies is stronger than ever. Coinbase integrates with Skrill's digital wallet, to allow users in these 11 states to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly. Among the available digital coins are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. However, it does not allow trading as with a platform like Bitcoin Pro.

Furthermore, Lorenzo Pellegrini, CEO of Skrill, added that the interest of American users in trading and cryptocurrencies in general has increased. This is why they are happy to please new users with their product through the partnership with Coinbase. Skrill's offering, powered by Coinbase, is just the latest e-wallet move in the Stars and Stripes America to provide users with a high-quality digital wallet.

The app will also arrive and more statuses will be added later

However, it will be a gradual launch, although the web version will be available immediately. The mobile app, on the other hand, will be launched next month. In addition to traditional currencies, e-wallet users will also be able to use Bitcoin to purchase other altcoins available on the platform. All this will lead to a decrease in commissions and in the overall number of transactions.

With the addition of 11 new states, customers in 37 US states and territories can now use the Skrill crypto solution. Meanwhile, Coinbase has also filed for direct listing instead of the initial public offering.

It is currently the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange, with approximately $ 1,5 billion in daily trading volume.

Brett Tejpaul, Head of Institutional Trading at Coinbase, said: “As we focus on building the crypto economy, we seek to partner with leaders such as Skrill who can label our turnkey solution to provide and support digital assets to their customers without having to learn the nuances of creating a cryptocurrency exchange ”.

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