S! NG launches free NFT ready creator app

S! NG Launches Free NFT Ready Creator App - SNG AppS! NG, a developer of tools that allow creators to control the distribution of their products and monetize their work, has launched the world's first free mobile application designed to instantly mint NFTs for sale or licensing online.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, allow artists to create verifiable and unique original works of their work, while protecting intellectual property. Creators will have the ability to monetize directly through direct selling to fans in a way that has never been possible before. The app is free to download for iOS and can be used without having some experience in Blockchain or NFT technology.

How does the app work?

S! NG was created by Jim Harmon and Geoff Osler, a veteran of Apple and Adobe, with significant contributions from musicians, visual artists and entertainment industry executives including photographer Chase Jarvis, industry leaders music Ericka Coulter and Justin Pinder and musicians such as DJ Numark, Rasta Root, Raine Maida and producer Jake One.

The S! NG app is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, a powerful technology that records the time and verifies the original ownership of a file, even after it has been shared. Osler says: “Bringing this powerful new tool into the hands of anyone who creates or manages creative work has become our mission. Whether you are a songwriter, a photographer, a visual artist, a beat maker or an author, S! NG was created with you and your needs in mind ”.

"S! NG is the safest and easiest platform for creators to mint their own NFTs and resell them," says Raine Maida, technologist and frontman of Our Lady Peace, who has achieved many platinum records and who serves as Chief Company Product Officer. “There is no better time to be an artist, because we are on the verge of a revolution in which control belongs only and exclusively to the artist. This is a turning point in the sector ”.

About S! NG

S! NG came together as like-minded artists, musicians, engineers and software professionals who all came together to solve a common problem: the need for a better way to protect your ideas and share them securely. with collaborators, customers and producers.

The company focuses on Blockchain-based technologies to help artists maximize the value of their work and protect their intellectual property in a digital portfolio. The NFTs minted on the platform will allow users to monetize, secure, share and manage their creations.

In short, as previously mentioned in another article of ours, discovering that the volume of searches on Google of the keyword NFT outperforms DeFi and Ethereum, this type of token is starting to take hold more and more and the artistic field, especially the musical one, could have great benefit, given that the pandemic has also slowed down one of the greatest revenues of artists, namely live concerts.