Spacex will indeed launch Dogecoin with DOGE-1 on the moon

Spacex will really launch Dogecoin with DOGE-1 on the moon - thumbs bc a4a6996640e91d4ff86a71f5d9d9f84bSpacex, the private space agency founded by Elon Musk, has announced that it will launch the DOGE-1 mission to the moon in coordination with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC). The mission, whose goal will be to deliver a commercial payload to the moon, was paid for in full using Dogecoin.

What is the Doge? And where have you been on the moon so far? So it's obviously the meme coin popularized by Musk himself! Read on to find out more about this sensational news.

DOGE-1 on the moon

Spacex has announced a new mission called DOGE-1 in partnership with Geometric Energy Corporation, a renewable energy company. Recall that Spacex is the innovative space exploration company that pioneered commercial space flight and its plans for a planned trip to Mars.

According to a PR statement, the mission's first goal will be to put a commercial payload on the moon. But the peculiarity of this mission is that it was paid for entirely in Dogecoin, the memecoin that was adopted by several influencers after being popularized by Spacex CEO Elon Musk himself.

Being the first trade mission of its kind paid for with cryptocurrency, DOGE-1 sets a precedent for payments in this aerospace era, putting Dogecoin in a very special place among other cryptocurrencies. Tom Ochinero, Spacex Vice President of Commercial Sales, pointed out that:

“This mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth's orbit and set the stage for interplanetary trade. We are excited to launch DOGE-1 on the moon! "

The DOGE-1 payload consists of a 40kg CubeSat which will provide lunar data with integrated sensors. Banking-based payment solutions wouldn't have been a hassle to pay for the mission. GEC CEO Samuel Reid touched on this and stated that:

"After officially concluding an agreement of this magnitude with DOGE, Geometric Energy Corporation and Spacex have consolidated DOGE as a unit of account for the lunar business in the space sector"

Musk failed to get Dogecoin to the moon

However, this news strongly contrasts with what Dogecoin experienced over the weekend in terms of price action. While most of Dogecoin's investors had been expecting price hikes due to the long-awaited appearance of Elon Musk (called Dogefather in social media circles) last weekend on Saturday Night Live, the exact opposite has happened.

Musk appeared in a news skit as a cryptocurrency expert who failed to explain what Dogecoin is. He called it a "hustle and bustle", as he said he was going to the moon. This has not led to any good for the prices that have stumbled upon passing by quotation from $ 0,65 before the show to $ 0,43 after the show. This obviously caused panic in social media.

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