Specter AI a brokerless trading platform for cryptocurrencies

Specter.ai is the first financial trading platform without broker in the world that allows traders to operate directly against financial markets without the presence of an intermediate broker.

Using cutting-edge technology and crowdsourcing, Spectre.com matches traders against a built-in liquidity pool or other traders on the Specter platform.

24 liquidity hours and zero opportunities for broker frauds are assured in this unique model!


Specter AI a brokerless trading platform for cryptocurrencies - specter

Cryptocurrency Trading Without Deposit

Unlike the traditional binary option or FX broker, where you need to deposit USD / EUR or another fiat currency into your bank account to start trading, Spectre.ai offers a revolutionary leap forward in technology which means that you can trade directly from your digital wallet supported or from a secure portal on Spectre.ai.

While many brokers make money when you lose, Spectre.ai simply earns a technology-based commission when you trade. Spectre.ai has no pesty account manager or sales staff.

Special Utility Token (SXUT)

SPECTTER's U-TOKEN is the first financial trading platform in the world that features key unlocking for traders who hold the Special Utility Token (SXUT), a privilege enabler based on internal currency! This means that those who hold this token in their digital wallet can afford higher payments, more assets, greater trade sizes and a range of other benefits, thus overcoming their potential.

The blockchain is a globally distributed ledger that uses thousands of decentralized servers around the world to check and confirm transactions. These can be simple money transfers or complex smart contract results such as processing trades.

It is free from human intervention and by far the safest way to confirm transactions today. Traders have on-site and off-site trading options. If you choose to trade using the on-site trading account, the funds that are assigned for trading by the user, the trader, are entered into a smart contract where they remain secure.

This encrypted digital wallet can only be used by merchants and all commercial transactions to and from it are processed / governed by the blockchain every 24 hours.

Withdrawals they are less instantaneous gas taxes. If they decide, however, to exchange from their on-site commitment, they park the capital in a secure intelligent contract, thus drastically reducing the commissions, but they can only withdraw the earnings every 24 hours.

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