Star Wars embraces NFTs and the Eiffel Tower is sold for 38 ETH

Star Wars embraces NFTs and the Eiffel Tower sells for 38 ETH - star wars nft tower eiffel 1024x576More than 800 limited edition collectibles, some taken from scenes shot during the films, will be auctioned on Starcoll's NFT marketplace, leveraging blockchain technology for one of the most beloved film franchises in history.

Early Registration May 4th (May 4th Be With You)

A sign of advancing time, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become too attractive to be ignored even by Star Wars collectors. As one of the most popular memorabilia and toy markets, even before the rise of the blockchain, Starcoll's move to capitalize on technology to secure both digital and physical ownership of Star Wars collectibles is a natural fit.

Starcoll relies on the QAN blockchain to ensure the highest possible level of security. The adoption of this hybrid blockchain aims to address the problems that have plagued NFTs, such as poor security and the ability of hackers to modify source files.

Designed to appeal to collectors and collections alike, Starcoll's first event featured more than 800 items from a single private collection, including limited edition pieces and even some items from scenes shot during films. 

The traveling exhibit that accompanies the collection displays information about the owner and NFT metadata (unless the owner opts for anonymity).

Buyers of NFTs on Starcoll will have free access to this global exhibition. Early registration for Starcoll began on May 4th (a tribute to Star Wars fans and collectors celebrating May 4th Be With You).

The Eiffel Tower sold for $ 106

About $ 106, this is the value attributed to the digital Eiffel Tower, which converted into NFT to sell on OpenSea. This auction ended a few days ago and the overall value has in fact reached and exceeded 38 thousand ETH.

The Eiffel Tower NFT was part of a 60 OVRLand package and went up for auction on Opensea for a couple of days. The investor (AKA Camembert) who won the Eiffel Tower auction is already known in the NFT world, as he already wanted invest in the purchase of another famous non-fungible token, that of Cristiano Ronaldo sold by Sorare for $ 290.000.

The Italian company OVR has divided the globe into 1,6 trillion hexagons called OVRLand, which are NFTs. Owners can create their own virtual worlds on these virtual lands, adding content like on web pages, which can be viewed in augmented reality using the OVR app (available on Android and iOS).

In this way, OVR put the Eiffel Tower up for sale, tokenized among the 1.6 trillion hexagons. Those who now own the Eiffel Tower can use these OVRLands to add their own content to that virtual land, which can potentially be seen by thousands of people as the Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic monuments in Europe.