Stop Loss on Kraken Does it work?

Stop Loss on Kraken: today we briefly analyze what is happening, in particular on the stop losses due to big jump and collapse of bitcoin in recent days.

Kraken Exchenge

it is one of the most famous exchanges, where you can buy and exchange virtual currency many types actually, perhaps one of the most historic (even if we talk about a few years of life)

He has had great success in recent months, on the contrary, in the last few days it is having a lot of problems, so much so that some customers threaten to leave carrying in favor of others.

Stop Loss on Kraken Does it work? - kraken


Stop Loss on Kraken

Stop Loss is a very useful mechanism for avoid losing large amounts of money in the event of a collapse of the cryptocurrency.

It is something that is also done in trading, in this case the situation is different, by setting this Stop loss We command the Selling System when the price of the cryptocurrency goes below a certain value.

The utility is enormous, we lose up to a certain sum and that's it.

Does the Loss Stop on Kraken work?

This is the fundamental question that many are currently asking All KRAKEN ADVANCED systems do not work as they themselves confirm in a 21 August post

Stop Loss on Kraken Does it work? - blog kraken

blog kraken

As stated by the Blog, the systems are not functioning, so if we had set them before that date, surely they will not be active.


In any case, the system concerns the booking of the sale based on the value we have set, it is not a secure mechanism at 100%, in booking it does not mean certainty.

We must also say that in recent months interest in virtual currency has increased out of proportion and that some portals are collapsing, they need implementations.

It is a transition phase, in a few years I don't think we will have these problems anymore, maybe the first cryptocurrency bank will be born (bankera)