Tamadoge consumes far less energy than Bitcoin. Is it a valid alternative?

Tamadoge consumes far less energy than Bitcoin. Is it a valid alternative? - 4 640x350Just when it looked like Bitcoin was going to make a full recovery after the cryptocurrency crash of 2022, things got a lot more complicated. The collapse occurred in early 2022, followed by the war in Ukraine, supply chain problems and the largest energy crisis in modern history. 

Most people see digital currencies and blockchain networks as virtual assets used for trading. However, most people are unaware that blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum use huge amounts of energy to stay operational. As energy prices rise globally, investors are turning to more efficient altcoins like Tamadoge.

Bitcoin: the largest energy consumer in the blockchain ecosystem

Bitcoin is the world's leading cryptocurrency, widely regarded as the gold standard among digital currencies. There are 21 million tokens, most of which had to be mined before reaching the markets. As a result, millions of extraction plants have sprung up in countries around the world, resulting in massive energy consumption over the years.

However, Bitcoin still consumes around 127 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity each year. This is more energy than Norway's annual energy consumption. On average, Bitcoin consumes 707 kWh of electricity per transaction, 11 times more than Ethereum. Additionally, ETH is in the process of upgrading its blockchain to a Tier 2 platform, reducing current energy consumption by 99,95%. Once the platform moves from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, energy consumption will be reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Bitcoin has been around for over ten years and its underlying blockchain technology has become obsolete. Energy consumption was not a problem in 2011, but today it has become one of the greatest challenges in modern history. 

Tamadoge - New meme coin with minimal power consumption

The era of high-consumption blockchain networks is over. The developers of the new meme coin, Tamadoge, were well aware of what was happening with other blockchains, so they took a different approach from day one. Not only is the new meme coin pre-mined, which means it doesn't require additional energy to generate tokens, it is also deflationary. 

In total there are 2 billion TAMA tokens in circulation. Half is available in presale, 45% is locked to provide liquidity, while 5% will be burned to reduce token stocks. Tamadoge is set in a metaverse and built around play-to-earn platform games. TAMA tokens function as platform utility tokens and are the first meme coins with real use cases. However, as players spend TAMA tokens in the Tamaverse, another 5% of all used tokens will be burned monthly to decrease token stocks and drive prices up. 

In other words, buy Tamadoge it will only reduce its energy consumption over time, making it much more sustainable than Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies on the market. The project is slated for late 2022, and as the presale is still open until September 2, you still have a few days to join the fastest growing meme coin project in history.