Is Tamadoge Elon Musk's new favorite cryptocurrency? 

Is Tamadoge Elon Musk's new favorite cryptocurrency? - ferhat deniz fors yocdd d4oom unsplashElon Musk is one of the richest men on the planet and, unlike many others, he has never hidden his attraction to the cryptocurrency market. In fact, it was Musk who, speaking of DOGE via Twitter, pushed for the creation of new memecoins.

For this reason, many investors are wondering if TAMADOGE is Elon Musk's new cryptocurrency. The truth is, it's impossible to know, as the South African entrepreneur hasn't disclosed his entire portfolio, so one can only speculate.

What is certain is that many of Elon Musk's followers have started buy Tamadoge to enrich your portfolio. Why is this new memecoin so attractive? Below we present the project and other memecoins with investment potential.

For what reasons to invest in Tamadoge

If Elon Musk is associated with Tamadoge, it is because Tamadoge is one of the cryptocurrencies with the greatest potential at the moment. It has all the credentials to attract thousands of investors, regardless of their priorities.

Let's see some of the points that make Tamadoge so attractive:

  • No tax: when purchasing Tamadoge tokens on its official platform, no additional tax should be considered.
  • Discount: by purchasing Tamadoge during the presale, you will save 25% of the official price once it is released.
  • Win by playing: In the Tamadoge Metaverse, you can use your pets to compete with other people and climb the ranks.
  • Clarity: if you visit the Tamadoge website you will find the “White Book” with all the information on the project. Including their plans for the future.

Is there trust from users? Just over 21 days after the presale closes, the project has already raised USDT 1.631.689,17 of the USD 2.000.000 expected.

You can purchase Tamadoge using your credit card through its partner, Transak. Furthermore, it is possible to use the cryptocurrencies present in your wallet, in particular Ethereum and USDT.

The best memecoins with investment potential

Depending on your goals, memecoins with investment potential will be different. For example, there are some that are a little more stable than others, while there are some that have grown incredibly in the last few days.

One of our criteria is the volume of transactions over the past 24 hours. We took CoinMarketCap data to find out which are the 5 memecoins that move the most on a daily basis: Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, CateCoin and Floki Inu.

Considering everything we have analyzed in this article, as well as the possible (unproven) interest of Elon Musk, it cannot be ruled out that Tamadoge will be on this list in the coming years.

What is certain is that Tamadoge is one of the memecoins with the greatest potential on the market. By combining the strengths of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, you shouldn't miss out on the presale.