Binance taxation: 124 $ on a transaction of 1,26 billion Bitcoins

The news is from a few days ago: Binance has only paid a little more than 124 tax dollars request on a huge move (1,26 billion) of Bitcoin.

All this confirms the trend regarding cryptocurrencies exchanged on the web, that is the taxations they will continue to have a much lesser impact, with truly insignificant rates, compared to classic Forex or speculative stock market transactions.

Who is Binance?

For those unfamiliar with theExchange Binance, let's open a small parenthesis to better understand who we are dealing with.

This company lives right on the web as a provider of a service aimed at all those involved in exchange e cryptocurrency trading.

Currently, the tradable cryptocurrencies on Binance, between the classic born at the dawn of this virtual currency and the new expressions of the critical Forex, are over one hundred, therefore speaking of the Chinese colossus (founded in Shanghai), we treat of a really huge exchange of currencies on world scale.

Yet the taxation has only affected for little more than 120 dollars, a remarkable encouragement for those who wish to approach this expanding market not to fear any retaliation in requested taxes.

Why has Binance moved such huge capital into Bitcoin?

The answer is not easy to frame, but by reading news about it on the major sources specialized in market cap, the Forex market that deals with cryptocurrencies, although Bitcoin has the highest transaction rate in the industry, data reported by BitinfoCharts speak of almost 2 dollars for Bitcoin transactions, Binance has instead shown the opposite and those 126 dollars paid to move beyond 1,20 billion, they testify that Bitcoin still has a future.

Binance taxation: Sibilline network news?

This question has many questions market cap experts at a time when some cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, XRP and Bitcoin Cash, have provided performance in the payment of transactions above Bitcoin.

Binance has denied speculative news? It is not yet completely clear, but the data are clear and those who still believe in Bitcoin have before them an uncertain future confirmed by the giant of the market cap, an advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform that is spread in every corner of the planet.

In any case, it cannot be denied that if Bitcoin is the most widespread cryptocurrency on a planetary scale, the coins subsequently behind in the rating grant still lower transaction costs.

It will be necessary to understand in the future if the gap between the coins will remain substantially advantageous, or if from now, it is better to start giving more chances to cryptocurrencies as BCH that at the time of writing this news release granted a price variable between 0.001 dollars and 0.008 dollars

The word to your senses: following the evolution of the sector, Binance remains however one of the major litmus papers to get a well-defined idea on the market cap.