TerraBitcoin by Paolo Barrai the club presented yesterday in Lugano

TerraBitcoin by Paolo Barrai the club presented yesterday in Lugano - Lugano

Yesterday in Lugano, in the Splendide Hotel the new Terrabitcoin club. This initiative, by the inventor Paolo Barrai, describes how the global financial system today is not yet able to evolve following the technological advance. 

The solutions that have been introduced by technological innovations and that they are at the base of cryptocurrencies, they serve to keep up with these new ideas, but this is possible if the tools become part of everyday life, in the real world. 

Today we can see how on the one hand there are macroscopic data who do not see the possibility of sustaining economic growth for the next few years, while on the other hand the growth of debt is gradually becoming higher than that of GDP in several countries. 

Moreover, it must be considered that the money currently in circulation on the markets is in net decline, on the other the sovereign states try to place limitations on the citizens in order to have more control over their lives. 

Barrai explained that today there is a real struggle going on for financial freedom, and that we cannot stop at the blockchain because this is not what will provide this freedom. Blockchain is an infrastructure that should be used to be able to recover one's freedom, including financial freedom, but not as it is today. 

Thus, in this sense, an economic tokenization should take place, which can create and place on the market tokens that represent real goods such as real estate. By doing so, you could make liquid assets of great value, so as to increase the speed with which money circulates on the market. 

During TerraBitcoin, Barrai said that the tokenization of the economy could take at least ten years, but doing so could also lead to a mass adoption of this technology. 

Other participants also spoke in favor of one greater spread of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and the use of these systems to make the financial market better. Schlichting, spoke of Switzerland's approach to these innovations, and pointed out that the country did not create laws to regulate these assets, but instead integrated existing ones into this new technology, trying not to block or harness innovation. 

Finally, Zucco said yes they should increasingly use Bitcoins and less the Blockchains. According to him the Blockchain is slow, public, inefficient and expensive. Instead innovative solutions such as RGB, Liquid and LN make it less and less necessary to use this technology, they also allow to increase the speed and the level of privacy.