Toko Token (TKO) releases a whitepaper at Kripto Odyssey Summit 2021

Toko Token (TKO) releases whitepaper at Kripto Odyssey Summit 2021 - toko tokenTokocrypto has finally launched the whitepaper for the native utility token of its Tokoverse ecosystem, namely Toko Token (TKO). After months of waiting, Indonesia's cryptocurrency exchange platform revealed that the whitepaper for TKO has been launched.

This took place at the recently concluded The Kripto Odyssey (TKO) Summit 2021 (“Summit”), which was held on YouTube Live with over 15.000 viewers in attendance. The TKO conference, which is in its second year, is a quarterly summit that strengthens crypto communities around the world through in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry presented by experts.

Explore the real world application of Blockchain

The summit included industry experts such as Chia Hock Lai of the ASEAN Blockchain Consortium and Tokocrypto COO Teguh Kurniawan who expressed their views on the role of blockchain as an enabler of the fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0). They talked about the impact of technology in various sectors and its pivotal role in the fight against the pandemic.

Analyzing how blockchain can solve existing global problems, Kurniawan shared his experience on how TokoCare used blockchain to alleviate the Covid-19 situation in Indonesia. He added that blockchain can be used for many healthcare-related processes, such as medical history management and seamless data transfer.

Experts highlighted the immutable and transparent characteristics of blockchain and discussed how they can help address trust gaps in the digital domain. Juan Otero of Travala hailed the tourism industry for the implementation of blockchain and praised the way blockchain has brought together the various players in the sector.

Although the Metaverse is still relatively young, blockchain and smart contracts have the potential to be the unifiers that will bring together 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and other technologies for its development and transformation into a digital reality.

Other experts, such as QCP Capital's Darius Sit and Enjin's Oscar Franklin, have provided an overview of the cryptocurrency industry, with emphasis on GameFi's growing popularity, non-fungible tokens (NFT), play-to-earn, and decentralized finance (DeFi ). With the transition of DeFi from 1.0 to 2.0, higher levels of transparency in the domain will be achieved and the element of real return will increase.

Finally, the panelists said that the valuation of NFTs depends on their rarity, historical significance and the popularity of the creators, adding that the NFT Metaverse should be decentralized, maintaining its concepts of culture, technology and governance.

Learn more in the whitepaper

The long-awaited whitepaper sets TKO's game plan to narrow the gap between Indonesians and the evolving cryptocurrency market. The 54-page document includes information on TKO and future token projects in Tokoverse, such as TokoScholars, TokoLaunchpad, and T-Hub, as well as providing insights into Tokocrypto's project for its native token utility.

While sharing his vision for developing TKO as the cryptocurrency of the future, Tokocrypto co-founder and CEO Pang Xue Kai said his team remains committed to promoting inclusiveness, innovation and supporting the economy through Web3. . According to him, Tokoverse will leverage blockchain to fulfill the fundamental purpose of all technologies, which includes improving the quality of life through easy-to-use features.