Now that bitcoin has returned to excellent health, online trading has also resumed its run. This form of passive income is so popular because it is simple to understand, even for a beginner. Generally, bitcoin trading in recent years has developed thanks to automatic trading platforms just like Top Algo Trade, although not all software that is advertised online keeps its promises.

We have decided to analyze this software in search of its main characteristics of reliability, efficiency and technical safety. Will this software really be able to analyze the markets to perform non-stop trades efficiently and quickly? Let's see together what we discovered during our investigation.

What is Top Algo Trade?

This platform offers an automated trading system for beginners, as well as manual for professionals, which generates real trading signals and automatically executes trades, if so set by the trader.

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The software was created by a team of professional Forex traders, who have tested and tried different algorithms and strategies for trading in the world's most liquid financial market, until they were able to find a system that almost guaranteed 90% of the trades won!

Top Algo Trade is an automated Forex trading software that every trader should use every day. Its name "Top Algo Trade" was not born by chance, it is due to its absolute simplicity and its incredible percentage of wins! In this review, we will also describe the amazing features of the robot.

Is Top Algo Trade a scam?

During our investigation, we did not find enough evidence to be able to say that Top Algo Trade is a scam, indeed, according to our live tests, the platform works and withdrawals can be done at any time, without any kind of problem!

In principle, therefore, it is possible to say that it is a reliable software, although it must be remembered that trading is always risky, regardless of the software you use and for this reason, we never recommend risking money that you don't. can allow you to lose.

  • The ability to manually configure some options allows you to improve results
  • Registering on this web platform is quite simple and can therefore be done quickly and by anyone
  • An interesting advantage is the possibility of operating through a demo account, with which it is possible to evaluate the results that can be obtained

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How does Top Algo Trade work?

Top Algo Trade combines the exceptional profitability of the three most effective and well-known Forex trading strategies in the world (Price action, Fibonacci and Pivot points) with the best indicators in the industry (MACD, RSI, Stochastic Oscillator, Commodity Channel Index, etc.) .

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All this means that everyone can get amazing results within their trading account. Furthermore, there is no need to perform any technical or fundamental analysis manually. It's all automatic, so sit back, relax and watch your income grow amazingly!

According to our experts, the platform uses sophisticated algorithms to conduct market analysis and open trades automatically. The analyzes are carried out live and within a few moments, so as not to miss even an income opportunity.

How to open an account?

It is very easy to start using this software. The first thing to do is to access the platform via the links on this page and then follow these 3 steps in succession.


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On the main page of the platform, just fill in a simple registration form, entering personal data such as name, surname, email address, mobile number and finally, choose a secure password to protect and access your account. Finally, click "Submit". After that, you will be asked to confirm your identity in order to proceed to the next step.

To deposit

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Once you open your new account, you just have to fund it. Log in to the platform using the email and password provided during registration. The Top Algo Trade main control panel will appear on the screen, with a list of all brokers available in your country. Now click on the "Deposit" button of the broker you want and choose the payment method that best suits your needs, remembering that it will also be the one you will use for withdrawals.


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After making the deposit in your trading account, which will be reflected on the web platform within a few seconds, you just have to make one last click, which will be the one that activates the robot. This is done using the “ON / OFF” button; by selecting the "Automatic trading" option.

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Key features

The platform offers many interesting features. Not being able to elaborate too much during this review, we have decided to list our personal Top 3.

Demo account

Among the most interesting features, especially for those approaching this sector for the first time, we certainly find the demo account. This test account allows you to become familiar with the platform, without risking your own money.

Simple to use

The Top Algo Trade web trader has been designed to be simple to use. Another advantage for all those who have never traded in their life and who have never used a platform like this in the past.

Two trading modes

You can choose between automatic and manual. The latter is obviously the one that all professionals will want to use to apply their trading strategies, while the former is more designed for the novice trader.

Is Top Algo Trade recommended by some celebrities?

Some online rumors clearly state that this platform is used by foreign and Italian celebrities. Let's see who are our fellow villagers who are said to have used it.

Marco BaldiniFlavio BriatoreLorenzo Jovanotti

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It seems that he used Top Algo Trade to get out of the financial crisis he had fallen into. Seeing how things went and since he's back on the radio, things obviously went great. We cannot confirm whether he used it or not.

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People say he says he knows Top Algo Trade very well and has used it in the past as well. However, being a finance expert, he limited himself to using it in manual mode. However, we cannot confirm whether he knows or uses the software.

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He said during an interview aired on private TV that everyone should know Top Algo Trade, as it could solve many people's financial problems. We haven't seen this interview online, so it appears to be fake.

Does Top Algo Trade offer a mobile app?

This is a web-based software, this means that to access the platform you just need to connect via a web browser, from any device.

By accessing the main page, clicking on Login and then entering your login data, you will have the opportunity to log into your account, to trade even on the move.

Our verdict

Of course, it's up to you to decide whether or not to use an automated trading platform such as Top Algo Trade. We believe it is absolutely effective, safe and reliable, but you always have to decide whether or not it fits your needs.

It is certainly a useful and effective tool that anyone, novice or expert in the world of cryptocurrencies. In any case, it will be essential to take into account its limitations and be realistic. In this regard, it is extremely interesting that the platform offers us an account to use as a test and, in this way, decide for yourself whether it is reliable or not.

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Is Top Algo Trade reliable?

We have performed rigorous tests on the app and we can say that it is reliable. Behind the development of Top Algo Trade is a reputable company with years of experience in the trading arena.

How much should I invest with Top Algo Trade?

You can invest as much as you like, but the minimum amount is $ 250. Free membership is offered for a promotional time period, but will then be upgraded to subscription. This is therefore the best time to sign up.

How do I sign up for Top Algo Trade?

Visit the website by clicking on the link on this page and open a free account by filling out the registration form. Verify your identity and immediately after you will be the owner of a Top Algo Trade account.