What is an online trading course? How does it work? Thanks to an unstoppable technological development, general trading today is within the reach of everyone, professionals and beginners.

Although in the 80s, in fact, only professionals could access it, today a mobile phone and a broker are enough to trade.

Through functional and captivating trading apps, online brokers have managed to bring people who previously did not even know what trading is to the world of online investments.

However, this spread brings with it many risks. The fact that trading is accessible even to those who have never made financial investments puts their capital at risk.

In fact, all the best brokers now offer their customers the opportunity to trade at any time, and this increases the opportunities for profit, but also for loss.

Many people have mistaken this world for scratch cards or online gambling. Another incentive for this diffusion was then provided by the large-scale diffusion of bitcoin trading, a digital currency that has allowed many early adopters to become millionaires.

In addition, in this field, as in many others, there is no shortage of scams and scammers ready to take advantage of good people. Companies based in tax havens, which believe they can act as and when they want to steal what they want from people's pockets.

The advertising banners of these online scams are easily recognizable. Everyone makes you dream of star lives, with houses by the sea or people who buy a Ferrari after a day of negotiation. Sure why not.

For this reason, we recommend using only reliable brokers registered with CONSOB. Only in this way can you stay away from scams, but this does not protect your capital. So, let's see why a trading course is important.

How to become a professional operator

If you've made it this far, it's probably because you already know how to trade, but you need some more advice to be successful.

First of all, you should understand what your financial goals are, what resources you intend to start with and what your knowledge is regarding CFDs, stocks, options, cryptocurrencies and forex trading.

Do you want to make trading your favorite hobby or a real job? In the latter case, you will need to have passion, intuition and study a lot. You will have to use money that your family does not need, but that represents an extra in your pocket that you can also afford to lose.

You will also need to understand what your risk appetite is, if your emotionality will affect your trades. For example, if a position becomes profitable, will you get caught up in greed and leave it open or fear and close it?

You don't necessarily need a Masters in Economics or a degree to become a professional operator. It is enough to have completed the diploma and to gain a lot of experience. To practice, we recommend opening a test account with the best brokerage firms.

However, we want to remember that even if a demo account is used, it should be treated as a real account. Emotions can change a lot between the perception of losing fake money and real capital. If you use the demo account like a game, then forget it and invest your money through an expert investor.

What is a trading course?

As mentioned several times, training is essential to becoming a successful trader. Trading cryptocurrencies or any other asset is not a game and should not be treated like playing the slot machine.

Those who want to learn from the basics must first of all be willing to invest in themselves. The training will provide those foundations that will help you take your first steps in this complicated world.

Yes online trading courses are available both for free through the trading libraries of the best brokers and for a fee. The latter also allow you to access one-to-one sessions with professional operators who will share their secrets and their successful strategies with you.

The best brokers available online, as well as offering trading apps to negotiate online at any time, will also provide you with courses and eBooks to download in order to study comfortably offline.

Finally, you may want to inquire if there are specialized entities in your city or province offering a live trading course. These are real trading classes, for a full immersion in the subject and which can last up to a week.

The best online trading courses

What are the best courses? What topics should an effective trading course cover? In fact, all the best brokers we recommend on our pages offer effective training courses.

However, if you don't spend some time studying (that's right, study which trading course is best to study!), We could end up in some hoax or scam. There are many online scammers who deceive you with nice words and we recommend that you buy eBooks, which may be available for free somewhere else.

After all, we cannot even be satisfied with theory alone. So you can easily skip those who offer you only an online trading course, but not a platform to actually execute the operations.

Sometimes the best courses are the free ones. Look for those that focus on earning techniques, profit and not just theory. If they are not accompanied by practice, these courses enrich only those who sell them.

So, in general, instead of trusting private entities for training, you'd better take a trading course offered by the same broker you have chosen to trade with. On the other hand, a well-respected broker wants nothing more than to train successful traders. Because? It's simple, if you are successful, you make money, you also make the broker earn and in addition, you will give them great free advertising.

Among those that offer an interesting trading course, there is without a shadow of a doubt eToro, a broker based in Cyprus and perfectly regulated, which in its courses also explains how to do the popular mirror trading, or the possibility to "copy" traders successfull.

Are the free courses reliable?

Let's put it this way, more than wasting your time, they can't. At least, unlike the paid ones, you won't have to pull anything out of your pocket. Some paid online courses can cost thousands and thousands of euros. But no course, no matter how much it costs, can ever give you the confidence to become a successful trader.

As in all fields, not always free means scarce. Of course, some leave the time they find, but there are also many valid ones, such as those offered by eToro for example, which have nothing to envy to the paid ones.

Many brokers, for the reasons mentioned above, have recently invested heavily in expanding their online trading courses. These try to teach novice traders how to take their first steps in the world of forex, CFD, crypto, stocks and commodity trading.

Even several automated trading platforms nowadays spend a lot on training their users. In fact, they earn on traders' profits so it's their primary interest to make you successful.

For all that has been said up to hours, the best online trading courses are:

  • free
  • offered by professional brokers
  • they offer not only theory, but also practice

What is a trading course about?

There are several topics that trading courses can cover. For this reason, you will have the possibility to choose only those you want to learn more, without wasting time reading information you already know. What are the most discussed topics? Here is a short list:

  • Online trading: introduction
  • Financial instruments and their markets
  • Technical and fundamental analysis in trading
  • How to read asset charts
  • What are the trends and how to exploit them
  • Trading vocabulary and terminology
  • Tips and good rules to follow
  • The most popular strategies

Trading course: which are the most recommended?

Before seeing what is the most recommended trading course by our experts, we want to remember one very important thing: no matter which course you choose to follow, no one will ever guarantee you will become a successful trader.

After all, to become a professional and successful trader, you need to take into consideration many other factors, not least a strong innate gift. However, through an effective trading course, if nothing else, users have the opportunity to understand the basics of the financial markets and how to trade to make the most profits.

And let's not forget that these are still free day trading courses and therefore they can't hurt you that much. They can waste some time (almost never, as you will always read real information), but never money.

EToro trading course

In addition to the aforementioned copy trading, this popular financial intermediary also offers the opportunity to learn how to trade CFDs and to:

  • actions
  • options
  • indices
  • raw material
  • forex
  • cryptocurrency

eToro offers a very effective online trading course that allows you to understand the markets easily enough for faster access to its trading platform. The latter, you can safely use on your PC or mobile device, in demo. eToro therefore offers one of the best Trading Academies on the market, with a wide range of tools available to traders, such as webinars, guides, eBooks and videos.