Travala welcomes payments via XDC

Travala welcomes payments via XDC -, an online travel agency that accepts cryptocurrency as a means of payment, now integrates payments via XDC tokens. This news has just been officially released citing the partnership between Travala and the XinFin network (quotation XDC). XinFin is based on its XDPoS network which is effectively powered by the XDC protocol. The extreme security of the XinFin network, the hybrid decentralized blockchain and the increasing performance are now all ready to push Travala.

The history of Travala cryptography so far

Reaching a prominent place in today's world's digitized online travel platforms is no longer child's play. Numerous online travel platforms have emerged out of nowhere and vanished without a trace. In the midst of all this, Travala, which was initially launched in 2017, has now sought a prominent position in its market, simply by enabling and accepting various cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Ever since the rise of the cryptocurrency market, Travala wanted to incorporate the new currency. From that moment on Travala has adopted various cryptocurrencies starting from Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, up to Dogecoin. It didn't stop at just incorporating crypto payments though, as it brought out its own currency, the AVA. 

AVA not only serves as another altcoin in the market, it has even more specific pragmatic implications. It establishes a healthy internal economy between various online platforms, thus strengthening Travala. 

XDC could make Travala thrive

Analysis says Tarvala does not incorporate XDC tokens for payments. But instead it used this partnership to take advantage of the XinFin network. The hybrid XinFin / XDPoS network running on the XDC protocol facilitates a reconcilable and backward compatible blockchain. This blockchain is highly efficient, allowing instant and secure transactions and exchanges. 

It is characterized by being more flexible in terms of liquidation for financial companies. In the midst of all this, XinFin XDC serves as a sustainable and reliable third generation blockchain, destroying all the cons of previous generations like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It offers over 2000 TPS in an astonishing transaction time of just 2 seconds, with a negligible fee of just $ 0,00001. XinFin XDC being third generation, it is a completely green cryptocurrency with an energy consumption of only 0,0000074 Twh.

Overall, XinFin XDC is nothing more than a complete nitrox package ready to flawlessly boost whatever incorporates it. All of this XinFin XDC action never came to life in a real world application. Travala will be the first platform on which XinFin XDC will exhibit and unleash its ultimate potential in real world use. Experts from across the industry look forward to witnessing such a wonderful piece of technology to fulfill their wishes.

This partnership is considered a mutual benefit for both Travala and XinFin XDC. With XinFin XDC, Travala is poised to dominate the online travel and tourism market. Whereas, with Travala, XinFin XDC could test its powers in real-world exposure.