Tron launches millionaire program to support its development

Tron launches millionaire program to support its development. Here are the latest news from TRX.

Tron launches millionaire program to support its development - tron ​​1024x568

Despite not everyone seems to be sufficiently optimistic about development of cryptocurrencies, and despite the darkness surrounding the cryptographic ecosystem, a currency seems to have managed to find ways to ignite some sort of excitement in the world of virtual currencies and the block chain. We speak, in this case, of Tron and his listing.

Tron TRX

Tron, eleventh currency in the world by market capitalization, recently announced the launch of an acceleration program that would help support and promote the developers they build DApp and other applications on its platform. In addition to providing resources to developers, the initiative has allocated $ 1 million in funding to help reinvigorate the innovative level of its project, with the aim of growing the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the protocol designed by the parent company.

According to what the press release issued by Tron Foundation, which supervises the project, the innovation program on blockchain it should be in the launch phase, thus providing a small glimmer of hope to support the sector, given that market prices are still quite depressed.

Accompanying the press release were also some details on the acceleration program in the strict sense, with the attention apparently concentrated on the construction of new and interesting projects rather than calling into question what has already been done in terms of cryptocurrency capacity.


The first phases of the program are aimed at supporting developers and startups in creating DApps using the TRON network, a proposal that could be judged as rather interesting for creators, given the increasing transactional volume of Tron and the over 600.000 active TRX wallets,

The acceleration project awards up to 56 projects DApp winners in different categories. The first prize includes a reward of 200 thousand dollars, and the others will be weighted on the basis of the results estimated by the teams, who can also participate with more products and, therefore, potentially win more prizes.

Tron buys bittorrent

Recall how Tron had generated a lot of interest around its decentralized technology, following the acquisition of the file-sharing giant BitTorrent, with the company further committed to integrating the service on the Tron platform through Project Atlas.

Torrenting could be a way in which the currency will be able to stand out further in the already crowded space of the cryptocurrency, but the currency offers a strong networking capability through the Main Net platform. DApps, like those currently present on Ethereum, are one of the most dynamic projects created in the ecosystem in recent years.

Rather than relying on the TRX coin to be another transactional cryptographic coin, founder Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation are therefore trying to find other ways to attract developer interest. Will he succeed?