Ubisoft supported DOGAMÍ to bring Tezos-based pet avatars to Sandbox

Ubisoft supported DOGAMÍ to bring Tezos-based pet avatars to Sandbox - Metaverse dogAs the Metaverse expands and engages more developers and market participants, we expect to see more new things in the virtual world. A contribution to this will be made by the DOGAMÍ NFT who will become part of the Metaverse of The Sandbox.

The Metaverse has its dogs

The partnership signed between The Sandbox and DOGAMÍ, supported by Tezos, will allow NFTs to be playable avatars in the Metaverse. This will be a first for The Sandbox, as previously four-legged avatars were only limited to being an 'NPC' (Non-Playable Character).

Interest in the DOGAMÍ NFT has already increased, with the collection having over 3,75k owners. With around 8.000 of these NFTs available, the minimum price is currently 295 Tezos which translates to around $ 902.

Additionally, the NFT collection ran about 41.93k Tezos (about $ 128 per quotation current) of transaction volume in 24 hours. Thus, the anticipation for their arrival will certainly entice many investors to join The Sandbox through these DOGAMÍ avatars.

DOGAMÍ has also acquired a 3 × 3 S-LAND property in the Metaverse to establish a Community Hub through which DOGAMÍ intends to introduce the first pet-friendly experience.

Commenting on this partnership, Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, said:

“We welcome DOGAMÍ's community of pet lovers to The Sandbox - we are delighted to allow Dogamers to play with their virtual dog companions. the NFTs of DOGAMÍ. We hope to expand their creative universe with our no-code Game Maker creation tool, inspiring new types of adventures and experiences together with their virtual companion. As part of this partnership, the DOGAMÍ team is also unveiling the first application of a cross-chain interoperability bridge between Tezos and Ethereum. We are really excited about the possibilities ”.

What is DOGAMÍ?

Backed by Ubisoft, Animoca Brands, and The Sandbox, the NFT play-to-earn mass mobile game is an augmented reality simulation for pets. The game uses AR to train and feed their DOGAMÍ, which are essentially an NFT.

The Sandbox is already peaking for its Metaverse, with LAND rates hitting a high of $ 10k. Having sold over 17k LANDs in the past three months, Sandbox could attract more investors if those partnerships continue.