UBS wants to offer its wealthiest clients exposure to cryptocurrencies

UBS wants to offer its wealthiest clients exposure to cryptocurrencies - 2021 01 12 11 04 14 1637Despite the debate and controversy that often surround crypto assets, one thing that cannot be said is that they don't work well. Bitcoin has been the best performing asset of the last decade and altcoins such as Dogecoin and Ether have seen some exponential peaks recently.

In response to all of this, institutions are supporting cryptocurrency and more and more investors, large and small, are looking to invest in various cryptocurrencies. In light of this, it has been announced via anonymous sources that UBS Group AG is looking to offer cryptocurrency investments to its wealthy clients.

UBS buys in Crypto

According to reports, this new cryptocurrency investment vehicle will not occupy the majority of clients' investment portfolios. This was attributed to the often volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market and UBS's desire to limit client exposure.

This shows that large institutions are very willing to buy cryptocurrencies, however, there is still a certain level of caution regarding their notorious volatility. Reports also suggest they may be the option of investing in digital assets using third-party investment vehicles.

While this digital asset investment plan is still in its early stages, UBS CEO Ralph Hamers is known to be a strong advocate of digitization and, therefore, this type of investment vehicle doesn't seem far-fetched. This modern way of thinking could also benefit the bank, as it received a € 2018 million fine in 775 for non-compliance and also for allowing hundreds of millions of euros to be laundered through its accounts.

This is registered as the largest penalty ever imposed on a company in the Netherlands and of course the bank will want to move forward in a way that is not only profitable to recover costs, but also forward-looking.

How to buy cryptocurrencies today

On top of all this, there is also growing pressure for investment firms and banks to offer digital assets so they don't lose customers to competition. Companies like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are already offering some sort of digital asset investment vehicle, and any company that doesn't, at this point is in danger of being left behind.

The bank has yet to confirm rumors about this investment vehicle, but if it does, it puts it in the same league as other investment firms that are jumping on the cryptocurrency train.

Obviously, those who want to invest in cryptocurrencies immediately, without waiting for their bank, can already do so. Automated trading platforms such as Bitcoin Pro they are allowing both old and new traders to trade different crypto assets, with really interesting investments.

Suffice it to say that with a deposit of just € 250, it is possible to start trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, also being able to count on a series of very useful tools to trade. In short, you have no more excuses not to jump on the train!