A look at the new Ledger Nano X portfolio

A look at the new Ledger Nano X wallet - 1 tejIbAhVuwAiNRPioxecWgIn the world of cryptocurrencies, there is a growing need for secure solutions for storing crypto resources. Ledger has again expanded its product range by releasing Nano X. It is a clear improvement over the Nano S, but it is not a necessary update for the owners of that generation.

Ledger intensifies its presence in the sector

It is essential to keep your crypto resource secure on a device that never connects to the Internet. Online exchanges, trading platforms and wallets should never be considered as long-term storage options.

Although Ledger products have high costs, the peace of mind that you get using a hardware wallet is invaluable. Managing cryptocurrency resources is extremely simple. And the funds cannot be stolen, since all actions require confirmation on the device itself.

Presentation of the Nano X

The evolution of the existing product line is fundamental for any company in the cryptocurrency space. The Nano X is a very different device than the Nano S, but it also looks very similar in several respects.

All existing features have been improved and some extras have been implemented. The main difference is how Nano X now works in combination with a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. Using this option and the Ledger Live mobile app, users can monitor and control their resources accordingly. It is a very interesting and relevant change in every respect.

Setting up and installing apps

For those coming from the Nano S, installing the Nano X is very simple. Importing an existing recovery seed is done via the Nano X screen on the device itself. Once set up, it's time to install the apps on your device. All of this can be done through the Ledger Live application. The experience is identical to that of the Nano S, with the apps installed very quickly

Initial user experience

Especially when paired with the desktop application, Nano X is very simple to use, like Nano S. In terms of mobile connectivity, however, Bluetooth pairing can be a little annoying. All operations require that the connection work properly. With a modern smartphone, this is not a problem, but on older devices it may be a problem.

Is it important to switch to the latest model?

If you own a Nano S, there is no real reason to buy the Nano X unless you really want it. All currencies are supported on both devices, including staking via Ledger Live. Those who own a massive altcoin portfolio should instead opt for Nano X, as it can hold up to one hundred resources at the same time.

The Nano X is actually more robust, but its price is also double that of the Nano S. Users who do not have a [Ledger] hardware wallet can still opt for both devices.

If Bluetooth connectivity isn't a must, Nano S will do its job. Those looking to the future for their wallet can opt for Nano X, as it works well on both desktop and mobile devices.