A baseball club now has a HODLing position on Bitcoin

A baseball club now has a HODLing position on Bitcoin - mlb ball club the oakland as is now accepting one bitcoin for 2021 season passes 1024x576One of the largest baseball teams in the United States is opening its doors to bitcoin as a form of payment to purchase suite tickets. Oakland Athletics, one of America's leading BaseBall clubs (valued at $ 1,1 billion), will expand its payment portfolio to include Bitcoin as its first cryptocurrency payment option. This was announced by the president of the baseball team Dave Kaval in an interview with Bloomberg, where he explained to believe in the future of the asset expressing great enthusiasm.

Baseball lovers are growing interest in Bitcoin

When asked what inspired the club a invest in Bitcoin, the president credited it to their audience's growing interest in Bitcoin, who had requested that the asset be added to their payment options.

“We've heard from our fans that they're interested in cryptocurrencies and we've been hearing it for six to eight months, so we said hey, let's see… and let's get one of our products; our suite, put it on sale for 1 Bitcoin and let's see if we can get some oil tankers ".

At the time of the interview, Kaval said they had yet to record a single transaction, however, they had received over one hundred inbound requests, citing that there are indeed interested customers. Two to four suites are available and Kaval is optimistic that a deal will be completed successfully before opening day.

“I think people are trying to find out more about the product and how they can use it… we hope to get a couple of people to transact. As far as we are concerned, we are trying to respond to our consumers and offer something unique and different in Oakland, ”he noted.

The arrival of altcoins is not excluded

Dubbed "A," the Oakland Athletics are one of America's premier professional baseball teams based in Oakland, California. As a member club or division of the American League West, the Oakland Athletics are known to compete in Major League Baseball.

Some of the club's most notable achievements under the Major League titles which include the Nine World Series, Fifteen AL Pennants and Seventeen West Division Titles titles.

For Kaval, HODL is a strategy they want to keep. He further explains that they are not only trying to fulfill the demands, but are also huge fans of Bitcoin itself.

“No, we will keep it. We will keep it, you know, we believe it, we hope it continues to rise, ”he said in response to the question of whether the Bitcoins paid by customers would be converted into fiat.

Altcoins are also not excluded, he said. For now, however, Bitcoin will be used to measure interest rates and whether there is a market for other digital currencies. Kaval says there is enough room to allow the introduction of other digital currencies. “For now we focus only on Bitcoin, but I think if it catches on, we are open. We are very open to this ”.

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