An Australian exchange wants to make cryptocurrencies more green

As known, and as we have been able to clarify several times on these pages, the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining is enormous. So finding new solutions to compensate for this problem is very important, although not simple. Well, the Australian exchange and trading platform Independent Reserve could have found a creative solution. But which?

The Australian operator is striving to play its part in the make Bitcoin greener and, in this sense, the new "partnership" with Climeworks, a company based in Switzerland that aims to capture CO2 from the air through a proprietary technology, is a tangible step in this direction.

The exchange has found that it intends to try to capture at least 1 ton of CO2 per year, as a step to make the cryptocurrency industry "greener". Of course, such an innovative effort alone will not be enough to produce a real impact, but it is still a step forward.

Independent Reserve itself acknowledged that betting on a horse is never a smart idea. And for this reason the Australian company has asked to become a corporate member of Trillion Trees, an initiative that will plant 1 trillion trees within the 2050, so as to reduce global annual carbon emissions by up to a quarter. Without the support of companies, obviously, such a vision is not feasible.

During the first year as a corporate member, Independent Reserve will try to do its part by planting at least 200 trees in various regions of the country, and increasing that number year after year, provided - of course - that its membership application is approved.