An old Japanese finance company announces its plans for cryptocurrencies

An old Japanese finance company announces its plans for cryptocurrencies - 1574424656799213Japan has been a leader in the crypto space with the preparation of its CBDC and when it comes to cryptocurrencies in general.

The nearly $ 1 trillion market that cryptocurrencies own in the country is now being exploited by major Japanese companies. The newest of the mix is ​​Nomura Holdings.

More crypto for Japan

In a press release Nomura Holdings, part of the Nomura group, discussed how they would enter the digital asset market.

Founded in 1925, the company is known for its broker-dealer, banking services, and emphasis on the securities business.

Thus, after having been a part of the financial sector for so long, the company understands the importance of the cryptocurrency industry.

Since their inception, cryptocurrencies have flourished, and today they are at the point where they have global influence.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine is the best example of how cryptocurrencies have become a means of aid and control in that country.

The CEO's words

Sharing similar views, Nomura's chairman and group CEO Kentaro Okuda called their decision to get involved with cryptocurrencies the next step in its digital evolution. He added:

“Digital technology is a key part of our strategic drive to expand our operations in private markets. The new Digital Company will conduct deeper collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, accelerate our adoption of digital technologies and improve our services to customers ”.

The Digital Company will be a reorganized institution of the already existing Future Innovation Company. The latter has been operating as a digital service provider for nearly three years.

Nomura plans to build on this to further develop the business and enhance its global collaboration.

Commenting on the outlook crypto presents, the press release noted:

“Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, security tokens and non-fungible tokens are gaining presence as a new asset class. The fusion of the innovations deriving from distributed ledger technology with traditional finance is giving life to a new range of services. Drawing on this, Nomura aims to expand its activities in private markets and to broaden its services in areas of interest including sustainability and decarbonisation. "

The cryptocurrency market today

After the spectacular 12% recovery seen a few days ago, the market is currently in much better shape than it was a month ago. quotation in real time of the major cryptocurrencies in the world).

At the end of January, the total market capital fell to $ 1,5 trillion, but has since managed to climb back to $ 1,86 trillion.

However, this hasn't stopped many large Japanese companies from jumping into cryptocurrencies. FXEmpire last week reported that one of Japan's largest E-commerce companies, Rakuten Group, has launched its NFT platform.

In addition to this, last month, the country's largest bank, MUFG's trust arm, Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking, announced its Yen-pegged stablecoin, the 'Progmacoin' as well.

So it's safe to say that Nomura has a secure future in the cryptocurrency industry in Japan.