One of the most successful football clubs in Europe, it is now sponsored by a cryptocurrency!

One of the most successful football clubs in Europe, it is now sponsored by a cryptocurrency! - Bitci Shorts Image3 1024x683Rangers FC are the most successful team in Europe and have recently announced a collaboration with a Turkish-born Bitcoin trading platform.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in our world has taken another step forward this week, as one of the most successful teams in Europe, Rangers Football Club, has just announced a collaboration with a Turkish BTC trading platform.

The branding will appear on the club shorts

In Europe, no one has achieved the same successes that Rangers have had, 115 titles in their history, and now the team will collaborate with a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange, known as Bitci Technology. This agreement was made for station 2022/23 and will see the Bitci Technology logo appear on the Scottish club's uniform based in the city of Glasgow. As part of the deal the club will also launch its own fan token.

It was the same official Twitter account of Rangers to formalize the news on February 17: "Rangers FC is pleased to announce a new and exciting official partnership with Bitci Technology, in a wide-ranging agreement that will see the @bitcicom brand appear on Rangers first team shorts, until the end of the 2022/23 season ”.

The origins of the club

The Rangers, founded in 1872, are one of the most successful teams in Europe, but also one of the oldest. Although the club plays in the Scottish Premiership, which is less well known than the English one, the club regularly attracts over 50.000 fans to its stadium every week. Today, the club can boast 'followers' all over the world, from Spain to Australia, from the United States to Sudan, and more.

James Bisgrove, marketing director of Rangers Football Club, celebrated this partnership by revealing the positive impact it will have on the team's commercial revenues, saying: "It will have an immediate and positive impact on continued commercial revenue growth."

Çagdaş Çağlar, the founder of Bitci Technology, said that this partnership will be supported by a symbiotic relationship between the sports industry and cryptocurrency, benefiting both parties for a long period of time.

“We believe that technologies based on blockchain will become an important part of the sports sector in the near future. Sports clubs that are able to see the importance of this trend today will gain a great advantage in the future ”.

How to take advantage of this opportunity

We remind our readers that it is possible buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies on different exchange platforms and that doing it today with a fan token like that of the Rangers, even before this is launched on the market, could allow them to obtain excellent gains in economic terms.

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