A YouTuber spent 37 BTC to buy a pair of used Hondas, today he would have 1,8 million dollars!

A YouTuber spent 37 BTC to buy a pair of used Hondas, today he would have 1,8 million dollars! - 11386122 1024x682A Honda enthusiast, he posted a video on YouTube showing how he spent his Bitcoins to buy a couple of second-hand sports cars. The enthusiast is known on social media as “NSXTRA”. The video was uploaded by Chris Cut on February 16 to the world's most popular video streaming platform and its title is "" Idiot Spends $ 1,8 Million of Bitcoin on Old Hondas "- in other words, an idiot spends 1,8 , XNUMX million dollars in BTC to buy old Hondas. Obviously, the value of Bitcoin refers to today's valuation and not at the time when the enthusiast spent them.

Which racing cars did you buy with $ 1,8 million?

The first car the enthusiast would buy for what would be worth $ 1,8 million in Bitcoin today is a Honda NXS Targa. The car was purchased on Valentine's Day 2017 (perhaps a gift for your girlfriend?). The user also reports that he bought the car at a "great price", having paid for it in Bitcoin for a value of 30.500 dollars, calling it "a real bargain".

On the day he bought the Honda NXS Targa in 2017, Bitcoin was trading for around $ 30,5 per coin, so the car cost him XNUMX BTC. At today's Bitcoin prices (here quotation in real time), the car cost him nearly $ 1,5 million.

Furthermore, he added that he spent another 6,5 BTC to buy another Honda on Black Friday of 2018, at a time when the Honda was trading at $ 4.300. Today, a similar amount of Bitcoin would be worth $ 293.000 based on the BTC prices of February 14, which is when the video was shot.

Cut revealed that he wasn't worried about having to pay BTC for his cars at the time. But four years later, the value of Bitcoin has risen sharply since then and revealed that: "Then I started doing some calculations and that made me think again about my purchase and I feel pretty depressed." At the current Bitcoin price, he spent the equivalent of $ 1.773.000 on two used Hondas… oops.

Maybe it was better to put hay on the farm ...

“Of course I have some regrets about what happened, because today I can buy a lot of NSXs at that price. Essentially, I transformed 37 Bitcoins into 2 Bitcoins "

Cut isn't the first person to prematurely sell his cryptocurrency or even buy a Honda using it.

Billy Markus, the founder of Dogecoin revealed that he sold his stock of DOGE in 2015 for an amount equivalent to a used Honda Civic, although he has not confirmed that he actually made the purchase of the car.

The biggest regret, however, comes from the sale of a pizza paid for in Bitcoin, which was the first tangible asset ever purchased using BTC in 2010. Today, Laszlo Hanyecz's pizza would be worth an incredible 500 million dollars.