USA and Europe: among the countries where it is easier to pay with cryptocurrencies

Surely paying with cryptocurrencies is possible in different parts of the world, even if not everyone knows it yet or in any case uses this method of payment in stores. But in which countries is it easier to pay with digital currencies? Here 's what research dedicated to dissemination of cryptocurrencies in the world, and as an alternative payment system to traditional currencies. 

Where are the main countries where you can pay with digital currencies? 

Starting from Bitcoins, the countries in which they are little used to make payments, even in traditional entities or stores and not only online we find: the countries of central Africa, those of the Far East, the central area of ​​Latin America. On the contrary, the areas where they are most widespread i Bitcoin payments are: USA and Central America, South Australia and New Zealand and Central Europe. 

As for Litecoin, among the countries where they are particularly used we find mainly the United States, and some Central American countries, while much less interest from the countries that are crossed the Indian Ocean. 

Ethereum, another well-known crypto, instead sees the same situation as Bitcoin with a good use in central Europe, USA and Central America. In Australia, however, Ether is a much less used crypto compared to what happens for Bitcoin. 

Finally, there are good results also for Bitcoin Cash which in addition to Europe and the USA is also widely used in the Philippines and Taiwan. 

What are the easiest cryptocurrencies to make payments with? 

Certainly the spread of some digital currencies compared to others is due to the fact that they are easier to use to make payments even in stores, as well as online. For example, the most common currency is also the one with which it is easier to make payments, in fact 80% of them prefer Bitcoins. In second place is Ethereum and in third place Litecoin. 

As for the adoption by commercial activities and shops, this is possible thanks to some gateways that offer this possibility. In the first place among services for payments in digital currencies there is CoinPayments, subsequently there is BitPay in second place and finally in third place we find the Coinbase exchange.