Var Group announces the creation of a blockchain laboratory

Var Group announces the creation of a blockchain - block chain laboratory

Var Group, a leading company in the ICT innovation services of Italian companies operating in the orbit of the SeSa Spa group, listed in the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, announced the creation of BlockIt, a research and development laboratory that will be entirely dedicated to blockchain and the integration of new skills with the offer focused for the sectors of the Made in Italy:. A news that has not had the well-deserved resonance at a time when the media seem to devote their attention to Bitcoin and Libra, but which confirms the ferments existing in Italy and related to what is now referred to as the technology of the future, even near.

BlockIt: what is it?

BlockIt will be led by Nicola De Bello and Michele Morbiato, who have over thirty years of experience in developing software for companies, security analysis systems, secure development training, infrastructures such as firewalls and intrusion detection, antivirus, soc, compliance for the security of sensitive data in payments. The laboratory will be based in Padova and the task of designing and implementing advanced solutions for companies will be entrusted. The assumption from which it starts is that blockchain technology can be used in any coded process in order to guarantee the need to guarantee the authenticity and security of all its passages. This regardless of whether it concerns services, products, documents or certifications.
Moreover, BlockIt itself has already indicated itself for the realization of two projects aimed at guaranteeing highly perishable food products and the integrity of life-saving drugs, certifying them. A lively need especially in Made in Italy, where Italian brands have the need to make the most of the position income deriving from such a prestigious brand, preventing them from taking possession of companies that do not have the right. The fight against counterfeiting, a real scourge for Italian products on foreign markets, should have a turning point in 2020, when Italian companies will be able to begin to experience the advantages deriving from the use of the blockchain with the concrete applications of technology.

Collaborations with the academic world

In this perspective it should also be emphasized that the Var Group is working to make system with the academic world. He recalled it Francesca Moriani, CEO of the group, who wanted to place particular emphasis on the collaborations in the start-up phase with some of the most important Italian universities. The first of which will feature the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padua.

The attitude of the political world

The BlockIt project confirms that even in Italy there are realities that are showing great vitality in a sector such as that of the blockchain, which many indicate as fundamental in terms of innovation. A sector formed by a myriad of small and medium-sized companies which they ask the policy for a well-defined regulatory framework so you can count on an ecosystem capable of helping its growth. A request that so far has not been heard by the institutions, prompting many of these companies to ventilate their transfer to more welcoming beaches, such as Malta or San Marino.