Visa opts for an "agnostic" approach towards cryptocurrencies and blockchains

Visa opts for an "agnostic" approach towards cryptocurrencies and blockchains - bitcoin ethereum visaThe global financial services giant Visa is no stranger to the world of cryptocurrency, having collaborated with regulated platforms and portfolios such as Coinbase and Fold. However, the company made clear today that cryptography and blockchain will be an increasingly relevant part of its future.

Visa's position on the Crypto and blockchain sectors

In a post entitled "Cultivating our approach to digital currency", Visa has retraced some of the ways in which it has already been present in the crypto space, naming Coinbase and Fold among more than 25 companies that have currently connected their portfolios to Visa.

These efforts bridge the gap between cryptocurrencies and 61 million traders around the world of Visa. The company also reiterated last year's investment in Anchorage, a startup for infrastructure security that supports digital currency services, along with the work of its internal Visa research team that has been involved in blockchain development by now for years.

The most interesting thing about the post, however, is the philosophy that Visa has established towards its future work in the crypto and blockchain sectors. Visa says it will remain agnostic with respect to currencies and networks by continuing to focus on aspects such as technology and security, and "will support the digital currencies and blockchain networks required by our customers and partners."

Visa will also continue to educate policy makers and organizations on the benefits of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, having already collaborated with the World Economic Forum on policy recommendations related to the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).


"For over 60 years, Visa has invested in building and maintaining a resilient global network that offers the best class functionality to our customers and consumers," says the post.

"Extending this legacy in the decades to come requires continuous innovation and collaboration with a range of partners." Will Reeves, founder and CEO of the aforementioned Fold wallet, worked closely with Visa.

Last April Fold collaborated with the company for the development of an encrypted cashback card. He said that Visa's latest post is by no means shocking. "We have been working with Visa for a while in Fold and have been stunned by the awareness and commitment to Bitcoin and other digital currencies at all levels of the organization," he tweeted along with the link to the post.

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