Bitcoins wallet: which to choose, let's take examples

Wallet bitcoins: The debate on whether or not bitcoins are comparable to physical money is always in vogue, however, what cannot be doubted is that, in the same way as real money,

virtual money needs a safe place to store. This is the bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin wallet which to choose

We need to make some clarifications, there is no single way to preserve our bitcoins that according to Bitcoin quotes they can really be worth a lot of money, but different ways according to different needs, even in normal life our money can keep them in

  1. In the wallet (in the exchange)
  2. In Banca (Wallet with private keys)
  3. In the safe (Offline wallet)

In this brief guide I will try to explain these 3 differences.

Easy Bitcoin Wallet (online wallet)

In order to have our bitcoins always available and usable, as they were in our portfolio, they are usually left directly in the Exchange where we buy them. Why do I consider it a wallet?

Because they are easy to use but easy to lose (hack, besides we don't have private keys so the address is technically the Exchange)

The wallet is nothing more than a software created specifically to store bitcoins.

It is based on the use of an address, a sort of IBAN virtual on which you can receive payments and from which you can make payments knowing the address of the recipient.

This address is provided to you at the time of registration in any exchange. A second address is provided to you at the same time: it is shorter, but just as important. This is the access key to the wallet. If you want you can also set a password.

An online bitcoin wallet can be used both on smartphones and online, then there are wallets with a key printed on a computer. Online wallets are the most used together with apps.

A bitcoin online wallet is accessible only through username and password.

Opening a bitcoin wallet online is extremely simple, also because most of these do not require verification of your identity.

Most of the online bitcoin wallets are free. To register, simply connect to the wallet site, enter your data, then log in to your account. Some wallets, like Coinbase, allow you to also enter the mobile number, for greater security.

Bitcoins wallet: which to choose, let's take some examples - Bitcoin online wallet

Bitcoin online wallet

Some examples of online wallets

Below are some of the most important and safe websites of bitcoin wallet online.

  • Coinbase Free, it also allows you to buy with a card or bank transfer also available in the app.
  • Fantastic app to have your Bitcoins always at hand, buying by credit card and bank transfer is very simple, enter the code V8TQHZ5494 to receive the registration bonus 
  • Spectrocoin All-in-one site, offers both e-wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Secure Bitcoin Wallet (Bank)

I called it Bank, obviously it has nothing to do with them, it is only to say that there is a better level of protection, by Bank I mean a portfolio that has private keys and is not in the hands of the exchange.

In this higher level we can talk about downloading the Wallet project for your PC, synchronizing the blockchain and always keeping the project and blockchain up to date, why isn't it maximum protection?

However, because it is on your PC, very subject to breakages, thefts, updates and various software anomalies that are easy to solve for an expert, restoring a wallet is simple but for less experienced people it is a problem.

Bitcoin Core Software

Link for Mac

Link for Windows  

Link for Linux

Very safe bitcoin wallet (Safe)

This is the solution I prefer and that all of us in the sector recommend it, it is about keeping Bitcoins in a safe, 

then keep your Wallet offline and in a safe place.

In this case I'm talking about hardware, physical tools, shaped like a USB stick, with a very high and offline cryptographic protection of which we have the private keys.

We can load Bitcoins and leave our hardware at home, nobody can find it.

The family Ledger we talked about a lot here

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