Wirex launches its WXT token

Wirex launches its WXT - wirex token

Wirex credit / debit card for cryptocurrencies launches its WXT token.

Very interesting news and to watch carefully for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as Facebook launches the global stablecoin Libra, Wirex, big credit card giant, launches its token.

Because Wirex launches the WXT token

We are experiencing a very fortunate moment for the exchanges that have launched their own cryptocurrency and that have been able to encourage its use but above all to buy it.

The Binance case as an example

A striking case is Binance, which first promised a discount on fees to pay for those who use BNB and then, for a few months, has incentivized holders in 2 ways:

  1. who has at least 50 BNB has access to IEOs
  2. those who have at least 500 BNB get the 40% referral fee of their members.

This combination of things led to the price of BNB raised from 4 $ to 30 $, creating a real business.

The WIREX case

Wirex, certainly not an exchange, does not have the volumes of Binance, but certainly attracted by this situation, it intends to launch its own token 

  • name: WXT
  • pre-sale date from 24 June to 30 June
  • Later IEO will be launched  OKex
  • Cost 0.01 $
  • for the first 3 maximum days 500 $ in WXT 

The purchase as we know is possible to do it directly from the app


Incentives for those who own WXT

What are the future incentives for those who buy or own WXT:

  1. Discounts up to 100% on commissions, including: foreign exchange commissions, bank fees, withdrawal fees, credit / debit card top-up fees, monthly management fees, ATM fees and SWIFT commissions **
  2. Enhanced Cryptoback ™: up to 1,5% in WXT every time you use your Wirex Visa card in the store. **
  3. Super-loaded rewards, including:
    - Free access to Wirex Premium
  4. - Free Wirex Premium card
  5. - Exclusive merchant offers
  6. - Access to the airport lounge
  7. - Travel insurance

Wirex launches its WXT - wxt cashback token

In any case, these are just some incentives, I believe that over time we will have possible and different fields of use, for example MCO for premium accounts also gives Netflix and Spotify subscriptions.

Will the WXT price grow?

This is the question that a lot is asked, if I invest 500 dollars, then what is the prospect of growth?

Surely many who invest in crypto have a Wirex card, using WXT is important to lower costs and have benefits, the cost of the tokens seems destined to grow but obviously the ICOs and IEOs are always high risk profile, do not think that all tokens become Binance.