Woocommerce now accepts cryptocurrencies

The process of digitizing payments and the advancement of cryptocurrencies continues, despite the ups and downs of institutions and speculative volatility. Today we talk about Woocommerce and cryptocurrency payments.

Woocommerce now accepts cryptocurrencies - cryptocurrency woocommerce

Woocommerce accepts cryptocurrency payments

When we talk about websites and in particular e-commerce, we need to understand that about 70% was created in WordPress and Woocommerce.

For some time there were 1 or 2 plugins that allowed payment with crypto, but from today we have a great news, the development of a plugin by Crypto.com that allows you to extend the payment (gateway) of Woocommerce. This demonstrates how the sector is evolving and entering into competition, grabbing the crypto exchange is not only an economic advantage for the exchange fees but a strong signal of the direction in which we are going.

Woocommerce and Crypto.com

Phase 1 

Let's start from the beginning, do you have a website in WordPress and Woocommerce?

Phase 2

Well, then you miss the crypto part, we have talked about it several times Crypto.com the name already cost 10 million dollars, we have mentioned it several times for its currency MCO and credit card, moreover it is an app full of resources because they continuously list different currencies.

Crypto.com has released an official wordpress plugin

Phase 3

Once downloaded and installed it is possible to register as a Seller, if you fill out the form we will send you the invitation

    Phase 4

    Connect apps to your account

    How the payment mechanism works

    • The customer checks his cart.
    • The customer chooses Crypto.com Pay as a payment method.
    • The customer sees a new pop-up window with a QR code. The QR code is embedded with the payment information and must be scanned using the Crypto.com app Crypto.com (app only) ( app for apple , app for android , entering the code v8tqhz5494 and putting it staking di 50 mco you will receive 50 dollars for free )within 5 minutes.
    • The customer chooses his preferred cryptocurrency to fulfill this payment. If the customer chooses Crypto.com Chain Token (CRO), he is entitled to receive some sort of cashback incentives.
    • Once the transaction has been approved by Crypto.com Pay, the customer will see a screen shot of
    • confirmation on the Crypto.com app and the fiat equivalent amount will be deposited on the merchant's balance,
    • as shown on the merchant's dashboard.

    Ecommerce and cryptocurrencies

    With this system you will receive more than 25 dipi different payment between Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple etc.

    And here is the payment system correctly integrated, if you have difficulties we can integrate the payment system