Cryptocurrencies are now a reality and it will not be many years before they are considered safe-haven assets as gold and the US dollar are today. Moreover, China is a world power that has long been thinking of launching a digital Yuan on the market and the first company authorized to allow investors to trade this cryptocurrency is Yuan Pay, with its own Yuan Pay App.Is Yuan Pay App a SCAM? 🥇 | Read Before You Begin - YuanPay Group 1

With this app you can trade the brand new Chinese Yuan profitably, starting today. This is currently the only company in the world authorized by the Chinese government and therefore for now we advise you to be wary of imitations or whoever tells you otherwise.

In fact, although China wanted to ban cryptocurrency trading a few years ago, in the end even this world power had to surrender to the evidence and authorize transactions. If you want to know more about Yuan Pay App, keep reading this article!

What is Yuan Pay App?

This is software that allows novice and professional traders to automatically trade the new Chinese digital currency. It is said that this software is completely free and that everyone can sign up.

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Furthermore, the group behind the development of Yuan Pay App, claims that their product is very easy to use and above all that it has a modern and intuitive graphical interface. The platform uses a very careful marketing strategy in "selling" its product. Indeed, it doesn't promise easy earnings like other platforms, but it puts the trader in front of reality by highlighting real testimonials on its website.

The system is capable of trading Chinese Yuan at the moment, but depending on which broker you will be referred to upon registration, other alternative cryptocurrency pairs and even some currency market pairs may also be added.

Is Yuan Pay App a Scam?

Our team has investigated this possibility thoroughly. The truth is that Yuan Pay App is the first official application to trade Chinese digital currency. Reliable evidence ensures that it is reliable and truly licensed software. Furthermore, it offers its users numerous benefits.

  • With Yuan Pay App it is possible to trade the digital Chinese Yuan profitably and regardless of the real price trend
  • It is already possible to invest in the Chinese Yuan, even if it has not yet reached the market. 250 euros are enough to start grabbing the coin before the others
  • The boom expected for the Chinese Yuan, should be similar, if not greater than that obtained by Bitcoin at its launch, as China is a true economic power.

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How does it work?

On the main page you will find several news stories about this app and how it works, and how it is able to earn profits every day for your users.

The beauty is that everything is highlighted in a transparent way, without the need to use false testimonials as happens on other portals. Everything is explained in a simple and clear way.

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Yuan Pay App also ensures that its software lowers the chances of losing your capital, thanks to its intelligent algorithm. However, this is not 100% possible.

Even our most experienced investors, who have tested the app live, report losses on some trades. For this same reason, we advise users not to risk more money than they are willing to lose.

How to open an account?

Registering on the Yuan Pay App is really very simple. All you have to do is click on the links you find on this page to be directed to the official website. After that, all you have to do is stick to the following 3 steps:


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On the homepage of this robot, you will find a presentation video at the top that will give you more information about the company and will explain how the app works. Right next to it you will find the button to access the free registration form. You must enter basic data such as name, surname, email and telephone number. Also, in order to log into your account securely, you will be asked to create a fairly strong password. Once this is done and your information is verified, your account will be active immediately.

To deposit

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At this point the app will direct you to the site of a regulated and authorized broker in your country of residence. This broker provides you with direct access to the markets and securely handles all transactions. Thanks to the agreements made with the Yuan Pay App company, traders can start trading the new Chinese digital currency, investing a capital of just 250 euros. Obviously, those who wish can also deposit a higher amount to immediately increase their earnings.


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At this point, Yuan Pay App will ask you to choose one of the two available modes: demo or live. In the first case, the user uses virtual funds to trade in the same conditions that he will face live, but which will allow him to become familiar with the software, without risking a single cent of his capital. Finally, before switching to live mode to earn real money, you will be required to set some parameters, such as your risk appetite.

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Key features of Yuan Pay App

There are several features offered by Yuan Pay App to its users, to guide them step by step towards success and financial freedom. Here are the three main ones.

Regulated brokers

First, Yuan Pay App asks users to deposit only 250 euros with the regulated and authorized broker. The system connects to this broker via the corresponding API and it is in the broker that the corresponding operations are actually performed.

Safe system

Yuan Pay App is the only application in the world that allows you to trade digital Chinese Yuan at the moment, in a safe and profitable way. However, the risks of trading are not completely eliminated.

Withdrawals at any time

Ability to withdraw funds at any time. It sounds like nonsense, but having tested other platforms in the past, we can tell you that it is not. While others hinder users from allowing them to withdraw their earnings, Yuan Pay App authorizes them without asking questions within 24 hours.

Is Yuan Pay App recommended by any celebrities?

At the moment this app is very popular in China and the rest of Asia, while in these parts it is not yet known. That's why this is the best time to take advantage of it, as it's still free.

Lorenzo JovanottiFlavio BriatoreFabio Fazio

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We don't know if the well-known Italian singer-songwriter has ever had anything to do with this application, but we certainly know that he is a big supporter of Bitcoin, since he has invested his money directly, since its launch. Probably, if he became aware of the new digital Yuan, he would immediately make another profitable investment.

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We know that in addition to being a great entrepreneur, he is also a skilled businessman. On the other hand, he would not have reached the position he has if he had not been. In the past, he has said that he personally manages his finances and is not afraid to do it with trading software.

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In an interview published online, he stated that Rai has never allowed him to discuss this topic in its broadcast, although he has proposed to do so several times, even inviting experts in economics and finance to the studio.

Does Yuan Pay App offer a mobile app?

With a name like this, it would be weird if he didn't offer it! Obviously, the digital Chinese Yuan exchange app is modern, fast and has a user friendly interface, which adapts to the needs of any trader.

Regardless of the device you use, desktop or laptop, and the operating system installed, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android, you just need an internet connection and your login data to enter the app and monitor the progress of operations.

Our verdict

The strategy offered by Yuan Pay App allows us to trade the new digital Chinese currency, profitably. However, thinking of not exposing yourself to risk in the slightest when investing in cryptocurrencies is a complete mistake and we must be aware of this.

Today's market offers great possibilities, but it is more suitable for people who can risk their capital and there is no system that can completely eliminate these risks.

However, this is a good option to get started in the trading world and learn how to get better results. Consequently, we recommend that you check it out by registering via the link below.

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Is Yuan Pay App reliable?

Our experts believe that Yuan Pay App is safe and reliable. There is no evidence or testimony that it could be a scam. It is the first company in the world to be authorized to trade in the digital Chinese Yuan.

How much does Yuan Pay App cost?

Yuan Pay App is free, however, to convert your money into digital Yuan, you need to invest a capital equal to or greater than 250 euros. At the moment, thousands of Chinese Yuan can already be obtained with this amount.

Can I withdraw money from Yuan Pay App?

Yes, at any time and without asking you any questions. If the app for some reason does not convince you or you find yourself in a situation where you have to request your money back, you can do it at any time.